Thursday, July 17, 2008

Steve Carell wants you to drink responsibly

It took me a while to find this clip after it was yanked off of youtube. One of my favorite moments from The Daily Show. You can tell by Stephen Colbert's reactions that Steve Carell really did get drunk. As great an actor as he is I would bet a large sum of money that this is all real.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Declaration

It's kind of pathetic how few times I've posted this year. I'm averaging just over once a month. Not cool. I remember when I started this blog for my class last year by posting a short story. Back then I would look forward to my weekly postings, and sometimes even post more than my assigned amounts. I just had to write. Had to get my word out to the world. Even if nobody was reading. I think it's obvious to everybody who knows me that I've lost myself this past year. Due to this huge hole in my heart so many of the important things that make me who I am have suffered, most notably my art. I don't really know what to write and I just haven't felt the inspiration to draw or paint. I've done some small crafts. More shoebox collages, knitting scarves in the middle of 90 degree weather. Shopping. Shopping is sort of an art... it's definitely a craft. Anyways I'm setting out to change things little by little. My "Summer of George" isn't just about being lazy. It's about enjoying myself. And in order to enjoy myself fully it's time to go back to the fundamentals of who and what is Maggie.

Here I am talking about returning to myself yet again. This seems to be a bit of a cycle. I guess as we experience more of life and get older we grow farther away from certain aspects of ourself. I think it's time to make sure that I don't lose that person entirely, because let's face it, she knew how to have a good time! So from here on I will start writing weekly blog posts (if not more, hopefully, but let's not push it) and maybe my creative juices will start flowing again.