Monday, December 29, 2008

All about laundry

As I took off my Primp sheep shirt and the red tank top I had JUST washed two days earlier it occurred to me that I had JUST washed this TWO DAYS EARLIER. I know that's the cycle of you wash, you wear, but for somebody with as many clothes as me it seems I'm always washing the same few things over and over again. I guess we all go through phases of our favorite items. When it's really chilly outside I like to wear thermal shirts, and I only have so many of those. And I layer tank tops under items all the time. But here's the thing- the shirt was white and the tank was red- two washes that to me are special. I've gotten a little past the washes of just one color at a time, I moved into the lights and darks theory somewhere around the time I had to pay for laundry and Goddamit I'm gonna squeeze as much in this washer as my 25 cents can buy... I digress, I'm back at home, which means free laundry, but I'm less picky about what goes with what. Of course I have so much pink and blue it ends up being primarily pink washes or blue washes with their like shaded friends popping in (such as Mr. Yellow with the pinks or Miss Green with the blues), anyways, regardless of what wash I'm doing, it's very rarely white or red. I'm still in the mindset of only doing FULL loads of laundry, so I have to wait to wear a ton of white stuff or a ton of red stuff before seeing those items again. While I'm sure you're wondering why I'm talking about the ins and outs of laundrytime there is a point here. When I took off those shirts I felt a sense of disappointment. I had FINALLY gotten them back from the washpile when POOF! they're out of rotation again. I've got a ton of jeans to wash, but no white shirts.

When I do my laundry it feels like an event. The dryer at my dad's seems to have a personal vendetta against me and likes to shrink things even on the tumble setting. I've started laying out a lot of my more sensitive items and jeans to air dry since moving here. As I mentioned I only wash things in large loads, so when I do my jeans I do a ton of jeans. Afterwards I run out of places to drape them. They hang over the shower, over the staircase, over doors, it's like an explosion of denim around the house.

Whenever I take a pile of laundry out of the dryer it's like a bell goes off somewhere in the house for Sammy, the cat that sheds the MOST. She could be outside, but when that pile of clothes arrives she's there instantly, ready to climb all over my clothes and get her fur on them.

When I first got to college I thought laundry was going to be this sexy event. Sexy you say? Where would that kind of idea pop up? Remember Undressed? There were definitely episodes where characters would go to do their laundry and end up meeting someone hot and totally hooking up in the laundry room. Well in my dorm at UMass the laundry room was in a leaky room in the basement. And it shared space with the garbage bins. It smelled disgusting. This was not a romantic room. Nor were the people I came across while doing laundry smokin' hot. Tsk Tsk Tsk MTV for giving me a false impression of what real life is. Look at this description of Undressed on this website I found:
...or three friends who inadvertently fool around during a late-night cram session.
Freaking hillarious. Cause you know all those years when I'd have late-night cram sessions my friends and I suddenly decided to rip off our clothes and experiment with one another. Preferably in groups. Oh my.

How did I just write a whole post about laundry without even delving into all my laundry stories? Scary stuff man.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Joined the following LJ communties:

Have already had overwhelming responses in NK about how to knit this:

Yay :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Procrastination Station

10:54 PM- I have no need nor want to get into twitter, so I will randomly post updates here instead (remember these?)

On meebo since somebody seems to have removed aim from my father's old laptop (my Thinking Box is still not working).

Current away message: I'm too old to still have papers due and STILL be procrastinating. On the other hand, looking forward to my first all nighter in forever (brings me back to my UMass days).

Wishing I was at the UMass library hopped up on either Dunks or Tab energy drinks and library lobby donuts in one of those damn uncomfortable chairs, sharing the same stressed/determined/tired/hardworking vibes as all the people around me. Watching as people filter in and out and some (myself included at times) falling asleep, taking frantic cat naps that make a world of difference.

11:22 PM- my word of the day remora is not just a clingy fish, but a hindrance or drag. My work is a remora.

11:32 PM- Once I've gotten this paper nonsense out of the way I'm going to contact two of my former writing teachers and get their advice about how to get back into writing again. I hope it proves helpful.

11:38 PM- contemplating life decisions. Must use hyper-focus-ness for school right now.

11:48 PM- oddly enough, the 2% milk string cheese is not as good as the skim. I usually hate anything with skim milk. Sucks that I bought a bag of 24 today.


This looks like my kind of book

1:10 AM- just purchased it :) after finding a $25 gift card (that actually had the FULL amount despite being old, wtg with good policies B&N!) and Nina Garcia's Guide to Style because, why not? It's free! (well $6.48 after all is said and done...)

1:17 AM- stepping away from computer to do non-electronic work. Computer distracting (as you can see!)

T-minus 36 hours til I need to finish this shtuff

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Wish List post #1

I was going to make a whole big post about my dream luxury wish list. Unfortunately, I'm working off of a very slow computer, and it would take me about five hours to complete the whole post. Instead I've decided to do a series of posts, with an actual affordable item and a luxury splurge item that's on my dream (i.e. money doesn't matter) list.

Today's picks:


Spanx Tight End Tights in Cobalt - $26 (plus $4.95 shipping)

Not only do these fit into the category of colored tights- something I've always loved and is hugely in style right now- but they're spanx, the amazing suck-your-gut-in and shape the bum area tights. I may have to buy these myself!

Chanel Classic 2.55 bag - $$$

This is a classic bag that every girl must have. I've wanted one for as long as I can remember. The style of this bag actually led me to purchase some of my favorite MbMJ quilted shoes (both flats and pumps) which people always compliment as looking "very Chanel". I'm hoping to find one at a consignment shop sometime in the near future until I can afford to splurge on the real thing. I feel like this bag would class up any outfit and work with anything from jeans (and a cute jacket of course) to a fancy dress.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

first mobile post

Greetings from my bed, via blackberry. I was just watching Arianna Huffington on the Daily Show discussing blogging. She said to blog like you're writing your friend an email. I really liked everything she said about blogging, and tomorrow I may have to post a list of all her pointers and thoughts. Since I'll be working on a paper then I can promise I'll find time to procrastinate over here.

Also on my to post list- a dream holiday list, kinda like an Oprah's favorite things list that I cannot afford. I'd work on it now, but I haven't figured out how to post pictures via phone yet. I'll work on that.

Off to bed. School tomorrow and I want to get up early and have a nice brekky. Nights all.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More comforting than a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese

This weekend should be dubbed (in booming voice) MEGA MOVIE WEEKEND. It wasn't on purpose. Yesterday was cold and miserable and nobody was around. Actually, no it started Friday. Wow, I spent THREE days devoted to MEGA MOVIE WEEKEND. That's intense. Friday I was cleaning my room for a good chunk of the day, so I watched some of "Waitress", one of my newer favorite movies. It also sparked my huge crush on Nathan Fillion. And pies. It actually led me to bake cookies Friday afternoon. Not exactly a pie, but still sweet and oven baked. After that I saw a good chunk of "Juno", but I missed the adorable ending to get lunch. That evening I met up with Mary to see "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" which was cuter than I thought, and overall an enjoyable experience.

Anyways, after watching the first two films on TV, I got to thinking about how comforting it is to watch movies you love, especially when you're feeling down. It's kind of like seeing an old friend and no time has passed. I know that seems kinda cheesy, but if I was the only one who felt this way then digital cable would not be as popular as it is.

I was in a real down mood yesterday. Super lonely, but the kind of lonely that being around the wrong people only makes you feel lonelier. Why didn't I pick up a phone and call somebody? Because I kept staring at it waiting for them to call me. Who? Anybody. But it didn't work. So I watched movies with Gracie curled up next to me, on my tummy, on my legs, next to me again, but the whole time always with me. I remembered how much I loved "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and momentarily wanted to get married. I remembered why people made such a huge deal out of Sean Penn's Jeff Spicoli in "Fast Times and Ridgemont High"- his ordering a pizza into his classroom goes down in movie history. Unfortunately I cannot watch Phoebe Cate's bathing suit scene without thinking of "Family Guy", I know, weird. Even weirder, I cannot find a reference to that clip on google or youtube (the FG clip that is). Oh well.
Today I saw the tail end of "Clueless" and I realized that Paul Rudd truly gets cuter with every year that passes. He was gorge in "Clueless" but I love him even more now. I'm thinking he may be my biggest celebrity crush right now and the new ideal for the guy I would like to meet. I need a casting call or something "Searching for guys that look like Paul Rudd, get hotter with age, and have his same sense of humor" k, thanks.

Lastly, "Dirty Dancing" came on. That may have cheered me up more today than when I got my nails done in a fun cranberry sparkly color for Thanksgiving festivities. Patti asked me how many times I've watched it, the answer is too many to count, probably more than 100, although not always all the way through. As it is, I missed a good half hour eating dinner. But I didn't miss my favorite part, which I could watch over and over again. The finale. One day I will learn that dance. Perhaps with my Paul Rudd-alike boyfriend.
I'm about as comforted now as if I ate that whole box of Mac and Cheese (Kraft only, I need my blue box), but without all the calories, bloating, and food coma issues that accompany. I can safely say my MEGA MOVIE WEEKEND (you better still be using the booming voice) lifted my spirits a bit even though I'm still counting down til my next trip to MA.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

want vs. need

I need money. I need romance. I need black leather boots. I need a new laptop.
I want more pajama pants. I want somebody to clean my room for me. I want to lose a few pounds.
I need to stop procrastinating. I need to sleep on a normal schedule. I need a friend in Randolph.
I want a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag in grape juice. I want the matching wallet. I want to get a manicure.
I need to smile more. I need to laugh more. I need my mom back. I want my mom back. I can't believe it's almost been a year. I want a new life.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There Was To Be Blood

I've been feeling incredibly fatigued for about two weeks now. Daily naps, fuzzy head, struggle to wake up day in day out... whatever, I'm just exhausted. So today I had to be tested. Apparently it's a bad idea to have soda for lunch an hour before getting your blood drawn. My blood was thick so it took a while for them to take all of it. They got about three or four vials. I came home and felt sooo weak. I basically sunk into my bed for about an hour and a half. At least I got to speak LHog on the phone for a nice long time. It was great hearing from her. She once again not so subtly hinted that I move to Boston. Tempting, but most most very likely not happening. As much as I miss my friends on a daily basis I need to be near my family. Oh well.

Anyways, my eye liner test must be postponed due to the heavy sleepy eyes I keep rubbing. Oops! Tomorrow I have school, so I will play with the makeup then. More details to come soon...

Razzle Dazzle Zazzle

I'll post more on the eye-liner either tomorrow or whenever I can stop rubbing my eyes (time to break out the clarinex!)...

While you're waiting check out my Zazzle gallery and tell me if there's any cute stuff you'd like me to create.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eye Defining Experiment

Always in search of the best makeup products, a few weeks ago I decided to buy Maybelline's Define-A-Lash mascara. One of my friend's owned it and said she loved it, I know Maybelline's classic mascara is always written up as one of the best, and I've been hearing for a while now that drug store cosmetics are just as good as department store brands. I loved the mascara. It's waterproof, doesn't make me look like a racoon at the end of the night, and has a curvy wand like the really expensive mascara I owned that wasn't waterproof and gave me major racoon eyes after very few hours of wear (Napoleon cough Perdis cough cough).

Tonight I was on a grocery run for my dad. I love to always throw in a random product here or there when he has me get groceries. Usually it's gum or an Odwalla drink, always something relatively cheap and that catches my eye. Tonight I saw the Maybelline Define-A-Line eye liner. It's black, has a smudger on the end, and a built in sharpener, just like my Chanel eye liner. Only this was under $6 bucks as opposed to the $28-$30something range. I had some time to kill before dinner, so I decided to try out my new eye liner. The smudger acted more like an eraser than anything. ENNHHHH (annoying buzz noise). It's been only two hours and I have not touched my eyes- there is already a nice dark circle underneath. Not full on racoon, but not nice looking either.

Tomorrow I will test the liner with just my inner-eye line. We'll see if it's any better then. Should be interesting...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I really need to write this damn response paper for my class, that is in a very short while, but I cannot get my thoughts together. Has it been that long since I wrote my last response paper? It's kind of scary if I try to think about it. I wrote a response paper for Ryne not too long ago, and that was only a few months ago. I never did find out what grade I- he- got. I thought it was pretty damn good for a 2am not very familiar with the work I was writing about paper. This work I am familiar with. I even read up a lot of criticisms, but I just can't quite get my ideas going... I'm hoping this little stream of consciousness will help open up my mind a bit and get me into a writing kind of mood. We'll see...

I went to bed wayyy to late last night. I wanted to work on my paper, but ended up catching up on my TV shows instead. Private Practice sucks. I don't want it to suck. I love Addison. I love her portrayer Kate Walsh. I have an inappropriate crush on Tim Daly who does not look like he's over fifty. That creeps me out. If somebody told me he was in his late thirties I would believe them. Is that stretching it? Well whatever, he must possess some sort of fountain of youth. It surprises me that he didn't do more movies, he's definitely good looking enough to get a bunch of romcoms under his belt. Anyways, back to the show. It's like you can hear Shonda Rhimes's voice saying "this week's theme is family, now let's make sure the audience knows that. Over and over and over again. Make sure they know- family. Family, family, family. You do whatever it takes to protect them. Your family. Protect your family. Got it? Good. Family. Protect 'em." I guess I'll keep watching, but it's definitely moving lower and lower on my list. Btw, does Shonda Rhimes have a thing for SWAT men? That stupid guy never took off his vest, surely they don't always walk around in their SWAT gear, right? And I couldn't stop thinking about the bomb guy from Grey's who she loooved.

Dammit I need to get back to this paper. What a bloody mess. No, I'm not trying to be British, it just seemed to be the proper adjective. Adjective, right? Not adverb. Adverb implies an action, and unless my paper is actually bleeding, I'm pretty sure it's an adjective. I'll have to check my grammar at a later date. Alright, off to be a student.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Counting sheep with clothes...

I'm going on a cruise!!! October 10th, three days, some private island off of Nassau... I cannot wait! I'm going with LHog and Candita, we're going to have an amazing time. One may ask, how are you going on a cruise with school and no job? Easy :) The cruise is Friday through Monday (my class is on Thursdays) and ridic cheap. I had a plane ticket to Tampa that I was able to switch over to Miami for a nominal fee. C'est tres facile, non?

My goal is to fit all my items (it's just three days!) into my carry-on for multiple reasons.
  • I don't want to pay the ridiculous fees for checking a bag
  • I'm terrified (to the point of nightmares before I travel) that they'll lose my bag and I'll have no clothing/bathing suits for the cruise
  • Checking in and out bags takes too much time
I'm very fortunate that I already have all the necessary clothing and beach items to go away. It saves me a fortune and allows me to put together outfits while attempting to fall asleep. Like counting sheep! Dressed up sheep :)

I joined a new community on LJ, "What I Wore Today" where you post your outfits and people critique them. It reminds me a little of what my mom and I used to do for each other, but I'm a little nervous because sometimes the people leave really catty comments. The above outfit was what I wore to school. I thought I looked cute, Tina said she liked the outfit too! I just wish I had blow dried my hair. I was too busy playing with Gracie this morning and ran out of time. Oops!

edit: the moderator rejected my outfit because the pic was too blurry and the outfit was "juvenille and uninspiring anyway" ... I'm kinda pissed!!

I'm anxiously awaiting dinner. If it's Thursdays it must be Mario's. Except due to the cruise I'm not having any pizza. Still a carbfest with chicken parm over spaghetti, but cutting out the pizza is the closest thing to a diet I'd be able to handle. When I try to restrict my food I only end up eating more. Luckily I've been visiting the gym at school more. Gotta love my eliptical time!

Tonight "The Office" returns. Which reminds me... I need to catch up on the webisodes! Better hop to it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun fall outfit

Pre-jewelry, this is a cute little outfit I put together for when it gets warmer out. The top is a white C & C tunic and I plan on wearing my "liquid-leggings" (aka fake leather leggings) underneath. For jewelry I'm thinking a few necklaces layered, def my black Dodo penguin, some longer silver necklaces, maybe my silver circles chain. We'll see. I'm still debating shoes... I want the outfit to stay casual, so I'm afraid wearing my black pumps would be over the top. I'm thinking my Tory Burch flats may be perfect. Any ideas out there? If there is anybody out there ;)

Waiting for my clarinex...

I'm taking a brief break from cleaning while my clarinex kicks in. Lots of dust = allergy hell. I accomplished the first part of my list, from 8:15 (well it was actually 8:30) to noon. I even was at the gym for an hour! It was the first time I've been to the Drew gym since my hs graduation party 5 1/2 years ago. It was a little creepy for me.

On my way home from the gym Austin called and said he was stranded at the train station, could I pick him up? Of course. So as I'm waiting for him my uncle pulls up alongside me. I guess Austin WASN'T stranded. My cousin is a doofus. It worked out nicely though, because we had lunch at Arthur's and I had a nice big bowl of onion soup.

I discovered that I'm only a few minutes from just about anywhere I need to go out here, and from Morris Plains found a very quick way to Rt. 10. I went to pick up my jeans being hemmed only to discover the waist I had asked them to take in was taken in TOO MUCH. It was uncomfortable asking them to let it out a little, but I could either pay, take the pants, and never wear them or have them fixed to fit me properly.

At home I decided I should try to clean my room. And that's what I've been doing for a while. I had a ton of files on the floor from my mom's filing cabinet. I found family pictures (pre-divorce), camp letters, report cards, things with my mom's handwriting, and it was hard for me. On the plus side I found a letter Ryne wrote to my mom from camp saying he missed me. I photocopied it and stuck it on his desk. Muahahahaha.

Well, the good news is that I can now see a certain corner of my room that has remained covered pretty much since a lot of my furniture arrived. I think I may go around next and collect receipts and other junk that's found it's way to the floor and throw it out. Babysteps. My goal is to have my room mostly cleaned by next week so our cleaning lady will actually step foot in there and vacuum (I don't care for vacuuming, and yes I know that sounds ridic spoiled and obnoxious, but she's already being paid to clean, let her hit up my room).

Okay back to work for a bit before I can let myself relax and watch some TV. I'm hoping my dad comes home early-ish so I can have a nice dinner, otherwise I may just cook myself some pasta and get Maggie Moo's for dessert. EARLY.

This girl's Friday

Tomorrow (errr... today since it's already well past midnight) sounds like a fluff day, but I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished.

  • 8:15 am - breakfast (it'll be early, but hopefully I can stomach some 3 min. eggs)
  • 9:30 am- appt with Tina where I plan to work on the fact that I cannot get to bed before midnight (I have a feeling being online right now isn't helping!!)
  • 10:30ish am- checking out the gym at drew, donning my sneaks for the first time in way too long, scouting out an elliptical machine
  • noonish- a high carb lunch, if I'm not too sweaty and gross maybe somewhere on campus so I can interact with other students
  • 1ish pm- once again if I'm not too sweaty stopping at the Short Hills mall to check out the cardigans and skinny jeans at madewell.
  • 1ish if I am gross- go home via Rt. 10, and pick up my hemmed skinny jeans on the way
  • 3 pm- watch OLTL, Friday episodes are usually doozies, hopefully this one's good
  • 3:45-3:55 pm- post office run, ginormous duck to send out that's been in my car for nearly six months
Still not sure what to do with my evening. I have a big weekend so I'm not sure if I want to go into the city. It's expensive, alcohol and I haven't been getting along these days (hopefully that's just temporary), and I have a big weekend ahead of me. I would really like to see Burn After Reading even if it's just by myself. I'd really love to cinema hop. If I go early in the day (that may mean skipping OLTL) then it's easier to get away with it and I don't have to watch all the kids in groups socializing. Not that I'm bitter. I'm going to meet people my age soon enough and then I'll be going to bars in Morristown and hanging out. Right now I feel weird going by myself. All it takes is to meet one person. Maybe at the gym I'll meet somebody. You always hear that.

Okay I'm going to try to go to bed while I have my Gracie Girly hanging out with me.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I need to find groups of like-minded people (possibly fanatics if this is really going to work) like me, so I can start returning to activities that I used to love. My mom and I used to have daily contests to see who could put together the cutest outfit. We'd watch Veronica Mars and wonder how I could do my hair like that. I made jewelry and then years later she copied me and made jewelry which I would always steal. Here are some clubs/support groups (both real and imaginary) I would like to find:

  • Daily outfits
  • Sample sale enthusiasts
  • Fun hairstyles help
  • Book club
  • Ski club
  • Crafts enthusiasts/ DIY'ers
  • Marc Jacobs fellow shoppers*
  • OLTL viewers who realize the show is pretty ridic. but watch it anyways, so I can tell them my ideas on how Todd is paying Starr's doc to tell her the baby died and steal it for himself... back to my list
  • Fashion buddies- people with the same lack of cash as me but the strong passion for fashion and our quests to save up for things, put together certain outfits, etc WHERE ARE YOU?
*I'm in an MJ livejournal group, but I've never actually attempted to make a shopping buddy out of it

Due to it's Veronica Mars-y feel, I'm trying to get my hair to look like this (see below). Wish me luck. Wow I just realized I never ate today. I better get on top of that before my stomach decides to wage war against me. On the plus side, I did get my self-interview assignment in today, so there's that.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

No check bummer

I finally decided to sit down and sort through my 857+ emails. Here's one that piqued my interest: (see right) so OF COURSE I clicked and went to the sale. I may be trying to save money, but I'm no shopping dummy either. Yesterday Amanda and I went shopping and I was very unlucky in my quest to find a cute cardigan that I definitely had in the 90's and should not have thrown out last year when cleaning out my effing closet. Imagine my excitement when this (see left) shows up on the front page. Great googly moogly!
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs (my favorite)- check.
  • Button down cardigan without any extra bells and whistles- check.
  • Good price ($29 FREAKING DOLLARS)- check.
  • No wool- check.
  • My size- NO CHECK.
It's a petite. WHY?! Is this some sort of mean prank from Barneys for no longer giving them loads of my money? I want it. It's not fair. I want to stomp my feet like a petulant child, but something tells me that it may not work in this case. Although honestly, when was the last time it did? Part of me wants to buy it anyways and see if maybe just maybe it runs really really big. I can always return it. Or try to resell it in my Marc Jacobs LJ group. Yep, I'm in one of them. My only regret is that it's not on blogger. I digress. We shall see. I'll have to ponder while I eat my bagel.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eyebrows... waggle waggle

I've reached a conundrum. What should I do with my eyebrows? Not something that one would usually ponder, right? Okay, this actually goes back years and years ago to the high school days. When I first got my eyebrows done it was more about keeping them two separate entities and not entering Bert-land. As I got older they started becoming shaped. Once I reached college I was pretty much a pro, and my eyebrows were not only shaped pretty nicely, but thin. As somebody with stubbornly thick (and dark) eyebrows it took a lot of work to keep them that way.

The way some people stop eating (or start eating too much), or let themselves go in some way or another, when I became depressed my eyebrows were always the first thing to go. This past winter my eyebrows became ridiculously thick. High school thick. And while I was able to keep myself from becoming Bertified, I felt like they were bigger than my eyes.

One day I met my grandmother at the Waldorf for pedicures. It was every bit as glamorous as you'd expect. Her eyebrow lady was passing by to say hello when she spotted the monstrosity on my face. She offered to do my eyebrows FREE OF CHARGE. That's how bad it was. I was a pity case. Kety actually assumed I was in high school and hadn't a clue what I should be doing yet. Oops! She then yelled at me for completely over plucking in the past. Even with thick filled in eyebrows she could still see the damage I had been doing. She said if I had kept up the way I was (before I let them grow) they would be permanently damaged, and the hair would never grow back there. She fixed my shape and told me not to tweeze them AT ALL (except for, you know, the whole Bert area) until the next time I came in.

During my week in the city I ventured uptown to the Waldorf again. I kept waiting for somebody to point me out in the lobby and shout "faker! She doesn't belong here!" Once at the salon, Kety applauded me for not using the tweezers (little did she know I lost mine two weeks earlier), but said I still have a lot of work to do. You can actually see the area where there are gaps in the hair. It's a little creepy.

Now here's the thing. I think my eyebrows look ridiculously thick! I miss having really thin eyebrows. Is this some sort of body dysmorphic disorder, but with my eyebrows? Where I think they're never thin enough but they just look ridiculous? I mean I see other people with eyebrows like that, where I just want to tell them to stop tweezing. Maybe I was always the same, but I just could never see the truth. Somebody once told me I had Brooke Shields-like eyebrows. To me that seemed an insult, because Brooke Shields can pull something like that off, whereas I... cannot. I'm going to keep growing them for now, and I guess when I reach the point where Kety is no longer lecturing me I'll start asking everyone I know under the sun for their opinions. 

And thus concludes my oddest blog entry yet.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things I Like Here

  • Being blocks away from Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Fresh Magnolia's cupcakes (esp with Chocolate Milk)
  • Traveling all over town (and even to NJ) via subway/train in a matter of minutes
  • Happy Hour!
  • Socializing with somebody new almost everyday
  • Endless inexpensive nail salons
  • Anything I need at my fingertips

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seems to Me

Seems to me... I've got this song stuck in my head... seems to me... living alone my drive me mad... seems to me... my sanity has just walked away!

If you listen to that song and it doesn't make you want to get up and dance and burrow it's way into your mind to be hummed and sung to yourself at random times (such as in the shower) I just don't think we'll ever understand each other.

It's Day Two of my house sitting gig in the West Village. I'm loving it here, but I don't think I'd do very well living alone permanently. Abner (the cat I'm watching) likes me, but is still a little weary of me, and hasn't snuggled up to me yet. I'm hoping by tomorrow when he realizes that I'm the person who's feeding him routinely he'll start to become more affectionate.

Last night Jordana and I went out and sampled a few different places. We started with sushi (for her), I skipped lunch so I went for the bigger chicken teriyaki dinner. I had another few hours of drinking ahead of me, so it was important to get something a little more substantial in my tum. After a fantastic dinner we wandered around Hudson and eventually Bleecker for a bit. We ended up in a bar 1856 or 64 or something like that, which I'm convinced I saw a blurb of in New York Magazine or maybe Time Out. Either way, it was a western themed bar with a wonderful wall of confiscated fake IDs. The bouncer looked at my own ID five or six times, they must be pretty tough there.

After a few minutes of deciding should we stay or should we go, and if we do stay how to get to the very crowded bar, a dude offered to buy us drinks. Lovely. He was a nice guy, from Morristown actually, but kind of boring to talk to. If he wasn't so persistent about getting Jordana's number before he left (he wants to take her for dinner) I'd think he was uninterested in talking to us. After he left, and we were debating how long to stay for another guy offered us drinks. Vodka pineapples for us all night. Well, actually, I had a Malibu pineapple as my third drink, which was much better, but the vodka pineapples were a better choice for going the drunken path. Packs a bit more of a punch. The second guy (whose name I know starts with an "A" but I can't remember the rest) succeeded where Keith failed. He got us to take shots. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I haven't taken a sober shot in a VERY long time. And I did not make a fool out of myself. WHOO HOO! While "A" was friendly, Jordana and I were starting to get bored and decided to tell him that Adelle (who was home watching the Olympics with the fam) was texting us from Gasoline and was waiting for us for over an hour. While Jordana was in the bathroom "A" became super touchy and I knew we made the right choice. Ew.

Three free drinks, two shots, and not a penny spent later we started making our way up to meatpacking. Funny story, last week while having dinner with my grandmother she asked where I've been going out at night and when I told her meatpacking she had a horror filled look on her face and said "WHY?!" not realizing there was any nightlife and thinking I was hanging out by butcher shops. Anyways, after walking for what felt like forever Jordana needed to use the bathroom so we decided to stop at the next place we came across. We decided to stop at the place with the velvet rope, because doesn't a velvet rope make everything seem more appealing?

I don't know the place of where we were, but it was a small place with tables and couches everywhere, one of those bottle service places. Jordana was shocked to hear I've never had bottle service before. A guy named Orman or Omran, something like that, offered to get us drinks at his table. Unfortch, his table was empty of drinks, so we started dancing for a minute while he waited for the waiter to come back over. That's when he made a shocking relevation- he went to camp (and spoke very highly of) a ditzy jappy idiot we went to high school with. Our respect for him dropped very quickly. While he and J started dancing a foreign guy walked over to me and said "I'd like to buy you a drink from my table". He poured me a VERY strong seabreeze and we started dancing. Five minutes in I realized I needed to get away from this dude. People complain about girls who use guys for free drinks, but seriously it's just not cool when they start groping you and being very inappropriate while dancing. I'm not a prude, but I'm not going to let you touch my boobs because you gave me a drink. That doesn't make me a tease, I think it makes me not a tramp! If these guys just turned down the skeeze level a bit they'd probably get the girls to stick around a little longer, and not just until the drinks run out (or until their skeeziness scares us away). Jordana was dancing next to me and I started blinking the morse code, SOS. She didn't catch on. Eventually I got my point across with other body language and we escaped to the back of the bar. A cute guy from Holland tried to talk to me, but I couldn't understand half of what he was saying and his shouting in my ear was painful, so we parted ways. I sat down and drunk texted while Jordana danced, pretty bored. Around 2ish we left in search of a better time.

Next up was the Hotel Gansevoort. Jordana and I were talking to these two guys on the roof. It was beautiful up there! My guy, Colin, recognized some blonde girl walking by and swore he would be right back. After about five minutes, which felt more like ten, this hot guy I had been making eyes at all night swooped in and sat down. We started talking and it turns out he was German. I couldn't remember his name (I kept thinking Claus, but it was actually Cristian). Just when the German sat down, of course Colin returned. He saw his seat was occupied and walked away. I was a little bummed. The German was way hotter than Colin, but I actually though Colin was fun to talk to. Oh well. The German and I went inside to get a drink, but ended up making out instead. I was kinda creeped out. I have a weird thing with Germans, I don't know if it's their accent or too much history class, but they scare me a bit. I'm still not entirely sure why I gave him my number. When he called on Sunday my gut told me not to call him back. Sorry Claus- er Cristian. C'mon, he was a tourist anyways.

BoneheadedEST moment of the night- I walked back to the apt by myself at 4am. I pretended to be on my cell phone the whole time (it was too late to actually call anybody, Jordana was the only person awake and she was on the subway). It was actually a little fun, I got to basically converse with myself out loud, like a crazy person :) And since I'm able to post this, I obviously made it home in one piece.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Steve Carell wants you to drink responsibly

It took me a while to find this clip after it was yanked off of youtube. One of my favorite moments from The Daily Show. You can tell by Stephen Colbert's reactions that Steve Carell really did get drunk. As great an actor as he is I would bet a large sum of money that this is all real.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Declaration

It's kind of pathetic how few times I've posted this year. I'm averaging just over once a month. Not cool. I remember when I started this blog for my class last year by posting a short story. Back then I would look forward to my weekly postings, and sometimes even post more than my assigned amounts. I just had to write. Had to get my word out to the world. Even if nobody was reading. I think it's obvious to everybody who knows me that I've lost myself this past year. Due to this huge hole in my heart so many of the important things that make me who I am have suffered, most notably my art. I don't really know what to write and I just haven't felt the inspiration to draw or paint. I've done some small crafts. More shoebox collages, knitting scarves in the middle of 90 degree weather. Shopping. Shopping is sort of an art... it's definitely a craft. Anyways I'm setting out to change things little by little. My "Summer of George" isn't just about being lazy. It's about enjoying myself. And in order to enjoy myself fully it's time to go back to the fundamentals of who and what is Maggie.

Here I am talking about returning to myself yet again. This seems to be a bit of a cycle. I guess as we experience more of life and get older we grow farther away from certain aspects of ourself. I think it's time to make sure that I don't lose that person entirely, because let's face it, she knew how to have a good time! So from here on I will start writing weekly blog posts (if not more, hopefully, but let's not push it) and maybe my creative juices will start flowing again.

Monday, June 30, 2008

selling my stuff

In trying to clean my room and finally move into this house I'm cleansing my closet and selling items I have duplicates of, don't fit anymore, or things I simply am tired of. Also I'm selling some of my mom's Manolo's, mostly never worn, sadly many sizes too small for me (these are 36's and 36 1/2's I'm pretty much a 38). I'm hoping to make enough money to continue to fund my "summer of George" and maybe even to buy some fabulous shoes that my mom would have loved. Speaking of shoes she loved, the price of Manolos has gone up at least $100 in the past few years for just a basic pair of black slingbacks. Is this from Sex and the City or inflation? Maybe a little of both. Nothing is cheap these days.

Check out my ebay auctions!

Some pics of my items, more to come!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How long would you survive in a horror movie?

65% of the movie

You’re a smart one. You evade the monsters for a long time, outsmart them, and even start to make jokes about them. You lighten the mood in the panicking group, but then everyone scatters. You’re scared. You’re eaten.

Hey !! How long would you survive in a horror movie?

Honestly, I'm shocked. I assumed I wouldn't make it past the opening credits.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still Takin' It Easy

I saw the Eagles last night at the new Prudential Center in Newark and it was incredible! They played for three hours, and never once seemed tired out at all. These guys are around their 60's and they've still got such an enormous stage presence and energy, it's amazing. Their talent has yet to waver.

Here's the set list:
  • How Long
  • Too Busy Being Fabulous
  • I Don't Want To Hear Anymore
  • Guilt of the Crime
  • Hotel California
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling
  • I Can't Tell You Why
  • Witchy Woman
  • Lyin Eyes
  • Boys of Summer
  • In The City
  • Long Run
  • No More Walks In the Woods
  • Waiting in the Weeds
  • No More Cloudy Days
  • Love Will Keep Us Alive
  • Take It To the Limit
  • Long Road Out of Eden
  • Somebody
  • Walk Away
  • One of These Nights
  • Life's Been Good
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Funk 49
  • Heartache Tonight
  • Life in the Fast Lane
1st encore
  • Rocky Mountain Way
  • All She Wants to Do is Dance
2nd encore
  • Take It Easy
  • Desperado

Our seats were pretty great. Not nearly as incredible as Hell Freezes Over (it's hard to top floor, 9th row center). We were in the first set of stadium seats- if it was a hockey game we'd be mere rows behind the players benches. I got up to dance a few times, mostly when the people in front of me were standing. Of course I danced during "All She Wants to do is Dance" mostly for my mom. I cried during "Desperado", her favorite song. Don Henley was incredible, he held that last note longer than you could imagine. I know she was there with us in spirit (in fact I'm convinced she's finally living her dream of following the Eagles on their tour), but it was still hard to experience the concert without her. Don played the drums a good part of the night (I love it when he does that), Joe Walsh is a guitar God (Glenn Frey was pretty damn good too when he had his guitar solos), the new guitarist fits in like he's been playing with the band for years (although it's still weird not to see Don Felder), and Glenn Frey made the audience feel special (as usual).

I may get to see them again on Wednesday at MSG. I'm pushing my Uncle Barry to get us backstage passes to make up for him causing us to be late in '94 and us not getting to use our backstage passes then. I'm still convinced we could have partied with the band backstage.

All in all, it's been a really wonderful weekend. I got in some beach time with Sam, and I spent today at Chez Guerra poolside. I don't think I want to go back to work this summer. I want to lounge around alllll day every day in the sun. We'll see how that works out.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I lost my job. Last week. At first all I wanted to do was cry and yet a few minutes later this intense relief swept over me. That's how I've been feeling the past few days. I wake up early when I want to and I go to the gym rather than the mall. I have had no need for coffee. I can go out on the weekends and socialize now. There's a part of me that's still bummed about the job, but overall the only thing that I can really see is the enormous opportunity in front of me. I know I've been blathering on for nearly a year about running away to France and finding myself. Well, I don't think I have the money or presence of mind to run away to France, but maybe I can find the parts of me that felt so alive in France and try to let those parts live and run free here. We'll see. I've been feeling that creative push the last few days and it's time for me to channel my energy before the muse leaves me.

Here are some things I'd like to do vs. some things I need to do. A few of them match up, therefore maybe they should be my first priorities(?).

Need to do:
  • Finish school
  • Clean my room
  • Make appointments with every single doctor before my health insurance runs out
  • Find out how long health insurance lasts for
  • Find new job (hopefully part time so I can enjoy my summer)
  • Unpack house
Like to do:
  • Clean my room
  • Finish school
  • Paint
  • Pick up craft
  • Become better acquainted with fashion by reading WWD and Nylon as much as humanly possible
  • Have a relaxed summer

Friday, April 11, 2008

If you Wubba me then I will Wubba you

It's amazing how I've probably gone AT LEAST ten years since hearing this song (if we're being realistic it's closer to fifteen-twenty) and it came to me out of the blue. So of course I youtubed it. And of course it was there. So let's all sing along...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Uncomfortably numb?

What a weird day. It can be traced back to this dream I had last night. I ran away to Boston (maybe this was spurred by my hour long convo with Lauren in which she strongly urged me to move up there and live with her and some of my other faves) and had this nagging feeling for a while. It turned to immense guilt and I realized I forgot to call my mom and check in with her and tell her how I was doing in Boston. I became terribly homesick very quickly. As I started to call her, and I may have even spoken to her, I realized she was gone and I couldn't call her. Then I woke up. This seems to happen everytime I don't have an opening shift at work. I have a bad dream and end up spending half the morning in bed because it's left me so dazed and... urgh forgive me... confused. Half my day is wasted and I end up rushing off to work, only to come home well after nine PM.

I actually forgot about the dream until I started attempting to gather my thoughts about ohhh... two minutes ago. Strange what comes to your fingers when you start typing. A few weeks ago I got drunk and sent a very forward text (which my phone deleted, so I can't even go back and read exactly what I wrote) to somebody I went to school with. The always lovely facebook notified me today that he's in a relationship, which means he probably was seeing this person when my text went out not that long ago. That makes me feel... weird. Maybe a little dirty. Not good dirty, but dirty dirty, like I need to clean myself of this and move onto something new dirty. If that even makes sense. It's nearly two AM, of course it doesn't make sense. The good news is that I wasn't really all that bummed. In the past when former crushes of mine have found girlfriends that are not me I'm overly emotional about this. I don't feel any upset. Either I'm so numb inside with my own grief over way bigger things or the crush wasn't even a crush, just more something to occupy my thoughts when I was bored. Like scrabulous.

Today my Aunt Ricki called me to inform me that she, Nana, and Austin were at the Rockaway Mall (why wasn't Austin in school?) and picked up a cute guy at the Apple store for me. I find it slightly scary, but moreso very hilarious. We'll see if anything actually pans out from this, but apparently he's quite cute and "just my type". Happy birthday to me? We'll see. In the meantime, all I can focus on is my trip to Boston and how much fun I'm going to have seeing my favorite people. My only fear is that I'm going to have such a great time that I won't want to leave. That coupled with the fact that there are about five different positions open at Lacoste in the Boston area makes me very nervous. I should really start heading to bed if I want to actually function tomorrow morning. Opening again. I want it to either be very busy so the time flies, or so slow that Jason sends me home ridiculously early. Either way, I don't even know what I'm wearing to work tomorrow which means I need to wake up at least five to ten minutes earlier than usual.

Goodnight moon.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sadly dead on...


Loving, hopeful, open. Likely to carry on an romance from afar. You are The Window Shopper.

You take love as opportunities come, which can lead to a high-anxiety, but high-flying romantic life. You're a genuinely sweet person, not saccharine at all, so it's likely that the relationships you have had and will have will be happy ones. You've had a fair amount of love experience for your age, and there'll be much more to come.

Part of why we know this is that, of all female types, you are the most prone to sudden, ferocious crushes. Your results indicate that you're especially capable of obsessing over a guy you just met. Obviously, passion like this makes for an intense existence. It can also make for soul-destroying letdowns.

Your ideal match is someone who'll love you back with equal fire, and someone you've grown to love slowly. A self-involved or pessimistic man is especially bad. Though you're drawn to them, avoid artists at all costs.

Your exact female opposite:

The Stiletto
Deliberate Brutal Sex Master

Always avoid: The Hornivore

Consider: The Gentleman, The Loverboy, The Boy Next Door

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stretch... YAWWWWN

In an effort to keep up on this blog, I figured I would make an attempt at a quick post. This morning I rolled out of bad far too late and forced myself off to work. I should have known at that point it would be one of those days. Yesterday our VP came into the store while I was in the back room. It was somewhat busy and he wasn't greeted until I came out and recognized him. Apparently I looked like "I had rolled out of bed and gone off to work"- I take offense! Maybe that was true today, but yesterday I thought my hair was looking kinda cute. Regardless, he complained to our DM and she complained to my manager, and the tone for the day was set as pretty stressful. I actually had pretty great sales at least. I was JUST short of $3000 when I left. That kills me though- why couldn't I have just sold that one extra item that would have put me at the $3000 mark? I could have sold pairs of flip flops. Ten pairs of socks. Two sale polos. Jeans. A bathing suit. The list goes on. Oh well, just frustrating stuff.

I begged my way into a lunch break at 1:30, and briefly met up with a friend from college, JJ. He works right across the street from me and we just discovered this about a week ago. Unfortch both of us had ridiculously limited schedules and demanding job stuff to get back to, so it was more of a drink break than an actual lunch break. It was disheartening yet a relief to see that I'm not the only person just out of school who is exhausted and no longer a social butterfly like the good old days.

The break helped me get through the day, and the rest of the afternoon flew by. Once getting home I discovered I was WAY too exhausted to drive up to Hunter tonight. I'm going to head up tomorrow morning since the ski conditions are going to be cruddy anyways. I ended up sleeping through a Modern Marvels on the Titanic, which was actually really boring. Normally I love Modern Marvels, but tonight it just didn't do it for me. Apres ca, I watched Barbara Walters (aka my Nanny's clone) special on the British Royals. I left the special realizing how little I know/remember about British history (what's the deal with Ireland? Is Scotland independent? would Bush have given back the colonies if the queen made him?), how little I care about the Queen of England, and how lame and unrevealing the two hour special was. Time to snuggle with Gracie and force myself to read more of The Other Boleyn Girl so I can see what I'm hoping is the far superior movie. Tomorrow morning I'm heading up to Hunter for real.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A pretty funny opening for what will probably become a dark and twisted blog, only a shell of it's lighthearted and chatty predecessor- so why are you still reading? Wow, I really know how to advertise my own writing, don't I? I haven't blogged in a very long time. Too long really, I've been quite ashamed of myself. Bad Maggie. So ashamed that I can't even sleep at night. Or maybe that's the fighting cats howling near my bed. But for the sake of the already suffering blog I'll tell you it's my nightmares about not blogging anymore keeping me awake.

I'm sure you (the theoretical, is there anybody out there, reader) have a lot of questions for me in the wake of my long blogging absence. The first answer is a red Lacoste hooded cardigan, James Perse tank top, and brown cords. The second answer is working, sleeping, couch potato-ing. Any questions I haven't already and don't get a chance to address may be left in the comments section.

So today I worked open to close. It's actually not as terrible as it sounds, since Sunday is hardly your traditional 10 Am- 9 pM mall hours. I got there at 10:45 AM and clocked out at just before 6:30 PM. Still, I'm exhausted. Sundays are always tricky days, lots of non-English speaking out-of-towners, families, messes, all jam-packed into a shorter day. Usually I spend a good chunk of Sundays running around and cleaning up after the previous customer while my co-workers get to the next customer. I'm usually too tired from the week on Sundays to be on top of my selling game. Plus I'm cranky on Sundays. It's some sort of embedded thing within me that naturally believes working on a Sunday is detestable. Still, there's plenty to be proud of. We not only made our day (we were 144% to plan!), but we surpassed the $7000 stretch (the goal we make for the day in addition to plan- for example, we're $4000 short on the month right now, so I upped our goal by $2000 today, and plan on upping our daily goals throughout the week by $500-$1000 to make it up). My boss laughed at my ridiculous stretch when he called today, so tomorrow morning I will triumphantly gloat.

Working in retail I've come across so many low-lifes and detestable people that it really jades you against all of humanity. This morning a family came in and the two sons tried on jackets. Both propped the jackets on the end of the hanger rack RIGHT NEXT TO THE EMPTY HANGERS. They also looked at belts, which were carefully rolled up in a belt display, and left them unraveled in SUCH a mess. Not only one or two, but EVERY belt. EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE DUPLICATES OF THE SAME STYLE. I hope you realize that the uppercase letters means SHOUTING. I hate people like that. Then again, I had an encounter with another customer that made me want to cry (in the nice way, not the just been verbally assaulted way) after she left.

I was taking her name and address, and she told me she lives in Millburn, actually on the street directly around the corner from my house. I mentioned that I lived in Millburn, and was actually sort of still there, moving out of my house. She asked if my parents were moving, and I didn't want to lie. I didn't know exactly how to answer, so I said "my brother and I are selling my mom's house." I think that pretty much sums up what happened, and she definitely knew who we were immediately (she knows our neighbors) and gave me her sympathies and asked if I needed any help with the house. It was so touching. I'm definitely going to have to write her a really great thank you note outside of my usual "thanks for choosing to shop at our Short Hills boutique..." that I can quote in my sleep (and probably do). It just amazes me how kind people can be. It makes me feel like I'm not doing enough for the world around me. Then again, I work, I come home, eat, watch tv, and sleep. I'm definitely a waste of life. I'm sorry. Who am I apologizing to? My theoretical blog readers, my friends and family whom I let call me, and myself for wasting so many hours of my life.

Tomorrow after work I'm going skiing at Hunter. I've decided to take my crazy Nana up on her offer of a place to stay (she's right on the mountain) while I fulfill my ski lust. She'll be attempting to set me up with a republican Texan who likes to hunt, and whose father is shuddering unknowingly at the moment because his son is about to be set up with a Jewish liberal from New Jersey. Let the sparks fly!

blogging and playing with my new toy (the blackberry) at the same time, very meta