Thursday, October 2, 2008


I really need to write this damn response paper for my class, that is in a very short while, but I cannot get my thoughts together. Has it been that long since I wrote my last response paper? It's kind of scary if I try to think about it. I wrote a response paper for Ryne not too long ago, and that was only a few months ago. I never did find out what grade I- he- got. I thought it was pretty damn good for a 2am not very familiar with the work I was writing about paper. This work I am familiar with. I even read up a lot of criticisms, but I just can't quite get my ideas going... I'm hoping this little stream of consciousness will help open up my mind a bit and get me into a writing kind of mood. We'll see...

I went to bed wayyy to late last night. I wanted to work on my paper, but ended up catching up on my TV shows instead. Private Practice sucks. I don't want it to suck. I love Addison. I love her portrayer Kate Walsh. I have an inappropriate crush on Tim Daly who does not look like he's over fifty. That creeps me out. If somebody told me he was in his late thirties I would believe them. Is that stretching it? Well whatever, he must possess some sort of fountain of youth. It surprises me that he didn't do more movies, he's definitely good looking enough to get a bunch of romcoms under his belt. Anyways, back to the show. It's like you can hear Shonda Rhimes's voice saying "this week's theme is family, now let's make sure the audience knows that. Over and over and over again. Make sure they know- family. Family, family, family. You do whatever it takes to protect them. Your family. Protect your family. Got it? Good. Family. Protect 'em." I guess I'll keep watching, but it's definitely moving lower and lower on my list. Btw, does Shonda Rhimes have a thing for SWAT men? That stupid guy never took off his vest, surely they don't always walk around in their SWAT gear, right? And I couldn't stop thinking about the bomb guy from Grey's who she loooved.

Dammit I need to get back to this paper. What a bloody mess. No, I'm not trying to be British, it just seemed to be the proper adjective. Adjective, right? Not adverb. Adverb implies an action, and unless my paper is actually bleeding, I'm pretty sure it's an adjective. I'll have to check my grammar at a later date. Alright, off to be a student.