Monday, June 30, 2008

selling my stuff

In trying to clean my room and finally move into this house I'm cleansing my closet and selling items I have duplicates of, don't fit anymore, or things I simply am tired of. Also I'm selling some of my mom's Manolo's, mostly never worn, sadly many sizes too small for me (these are 36's and 36 1/2's I'm pretty much a 38). I'm hoping to make enough money to continue to fund my "summer of George" and maybe even to buy some fabulous shoes that my mom would have loved. Speaking of shoes she loved, the price of Manolos has gone up at least $100 in the past few years for just a basic pair of black slingbacks. Is this from Sex and the City or inflation? Maybe a little of both. Nothing is cheap these days.

Check out my ebay auctions!

Some pics of my items, more to come!!

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