Monday, June 4, 2007

I like Pina Coladas...

Couldn't sleep. I've been avoiding the finale of Veronica Mars for a few weeks now, thinking that maybe if I don't watch it then it's not the end. It left me feeling very empty afterwards, and angry with the CW for not bringing it back. DAMN THEM! And damn whatever song was playing at the end that left me feeling melancholy. I'll have to look it up tomorrow. Rather than read up on everything VM related (hair styles, clothing, music, etc) I decided to make an M&M. Don't ask me why... I'm not even sure myself.

Can you count all the details in the background? It's got a lot of mini-Mags facts and a few Lost snippets too (since I'm a dork) hiding. Okay fine I'll just name them. None of these are too significant, they were just available in the M&M's stock clip art. The phone booth represents my trips to London (SO incredible!); the penguins because I love penguins, they looked funny and silly on a beach, and because it reminded me of Wendel the penguin (I MISS SCHOOL!), the plane is for my travels and also for Lost; the balloon is pretty looking and also kind of like the REAL Henry Gale's balloon (wouldn't it be cool to get him in a flashback?); the drink is a pina colada which I would love to have sometime soon; the balloons are PRETTY :) and the shells add ambiance. How's that? Oh and the beach ball? Hmmm... I dunno, like everything else I added, it looked pretty. Oh, and that is indeed a floating crown. Kind of like a halo, but for a princess. Maybe an angel princess? Okay now I'm tired.

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