Monday, June 11, 2007

The Frat Mack Strikes Again

For the record, making out with people while your friend sleeps in the bed perpendicularly touching yours is not a very nice thing to do. But it's still kind of fun ;) Not as fun, going to the bathroom, finding the person passed out, and having to share a very teeny tiny twin bed. Oops, maybe not the best planning, but still a pretty fun night. My city adventure began when I finagled some money out of my father for the trip into the city. He accused me of trying to get him to "finance my social life" but I explained the importance (and rarity) of seeing Lauren while she visits in NYC.

Stress free (from worrying about lack of cash flow) I took the train in (ran into and had pretty good convo with an old high school friend), and met up with Lauren and her boyfriend Matt at Washington Square Park. I spotted Lauren from across the street and ran across squealing and throwing myself at her. It was pretty exciting (and for her surprising). We hung out in the NYU dorms where Matt's staying for the summer. Lauren and I split a bottle of cheap (but pretty decent) wine from Trader Joe's Winery, or Wine Shop, whatever the eff it's called. Hung out some more, drank a little more wine, and myself, Lauren, Matt, his roommate, and his roommate's friend Laura headed out for dinner. We had Thai food and I was proud of myself for eating so adventurously. It was delicious.

Apres ca (see me impressively slipping in the Francais?, apres ca is "after that") we took a taxi to a bar somewhere whose name and location I have no idea. Laura was supposed to meet two of her friends there, but they didn't show up, and Matt wouldn't be able to get into the bar. So we hopped in another taxi (this group of people didn't really do the subway) and headed over to McSorley's, the oldest bar in NYC. They only served beer, and were packed, so we didn't stay too long. Once again we taxied it over to another bar, the name and location of which I cannot say. Matt was unable to get in there, too, so he and Lauren had couple time while I had two appletinis with The Roommate, Laura, and her two friends from traveling abroad. It was a good time. I bought Laura and The Roommate drinks since they paid for the taxis. My bar tab cost almost double dinner. I still haven't told my dad how much I spent. I might be in some big trouble. We shall see.

Some poor life decisions were made after the bars, but such is life when you have a few too many appletinis. All in all it was a good time. After leaving Lauren and Matt at Central Park, I walked around Madison Ave for a bit today, but alas the Puerto Rican Day Parade was going on. Many stores were closed and LARGE groups of people flooded the streets. I don't care for crowds, especially celebrating crowds (which can turn to angry crowds sometimes), so after shopping for a bit I headed home. Definitely the longest walk of shame ever ;)

Tonight I met Jordana for some Maggie Moo's and then we saw Ocean's 13. I wasn't a huge fan of 12, but I saw 11 at least six (maybe seven) times in the theaters and many more times since then. My obsession/love for Brad Pitt is well known, and the rest of the cast is pretty cute too. Yeah, even George Clooney is pretty dreamy. Who know I was capable of crushes so much older than me. Cause, you know, I totally have a chance with George Clooney, Mr. Lifelong-bachelor-I-date-the-prettiest-women-on-the-planet. Sigh. And yet I told The Roommate last night I'm done with looking for love. For now. I just don't see it in my cards until after I'm fully done with France, college, etc. I'm getting my wild ways out of my system now before it's no longer socially acceptable for my age and just deemed pathetic. It's been working pretty well so far. It all comes back to the whole "opposite George" thing going on. And after coming full circle to some of my last few posts, I'm heading to bed.

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Kristi said...

Hey Mags! I'm so glad you're still blogging! Hope all is well. :)