Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stretch... YAWWWWN

In an effort to keep up on this blog, I figured I would make an attempt at a quick post. This morning I rolled out of bad far too late and forced myself off to work. I should have known at that point it would be one of those days. Yesterday our VP came into the store while I was in the back room. It was somewhat busy and he wasn't greeted until I came out and recognized him. Apparently I looked like "I had rolled out of bed and gone off to work"- I take offense! Maybe that was true today, but yesterday I thought my hair was looking kinda cute. Regardless, he complained to our DM and she complained to my manager, and the tone for the day was set as pretty stressful. I actually had pretty great sales at least. I was JUST short of $3000 when I left. That kills me though- why couldn't I have just sold that one extra item that would have put me at the $3000 mark? I could have sold pairs of flip flops. Ten pairs of socks. Two sale polos. Jeans. A bathing suit. The list goes on. Oh well, just frustrating stuff.

I begged my way into a lunch break at 1:30, and briefly met up with a friend from college, JJ. He works right across the street from me and we just discovered this about a week ago. Unfortch both of us had ridiculously limited schedules and demanding job stuff to get back to, so it was more of a drink break than an actual lunch break. It was disheartening yet a relief to see that I'm not the only person just out of school who is exhausted and no longer a social butterfly like the good old days.

The break helped me get through the day, and the rest of the afternoon flew by. Once getting home I discovered I was WAY too exhausted to drive up to Hunter tonight. I'm going to head up tomorrow morning since the ski conditions are going to be cruddy anyways. I ended up sleeping through a Modern Marvels on the Titanic, which was actually really boring. Normally I love Modern Marvels, but tonight it just didn't do it for me. Apres ca, I watched Barbara Walters (aka my Nanny's clone) special on the British Royals. I left the special realizing how little I know/remember about British history (what's the deal with Ireland? Is Scotland independent? would Bush have given back the colonies if the queen made him?), how little I care about the Queen of England, and how lame and unrevealing the two hour special was. Time to snuggle with Gracie and force myself to read more of The Other Boleyn Girl so I can see what I'm hoping is the far superior movie. Tomorrow morning I'm heading up to Hunter for real.

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