Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still Takin' It Easy

I saw the Eagles last night at the new Prudential Center in Newark and it was incredible! They played for three hours, and never once seemed tired out at all. These guys are around their 60's and they've still got such an enormous stage presence and energy, it's amazing. Their talent has yet to waver.

Here's the set list:
  • How Long
  • Too Busy Being Fabulous
  • I Don't Want To Hear Anymore
  • Guilt of the Crime
  • Hotel California
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling
  • I Can't Tell You Why
  • Witchy Woman
  • Lyin Eyes
  • Boys of Summer
  • In The City
  • Long Run
  • No More Walks In the Woods
  • Waiting in the Weeds
  • No More Cloudy Days
  • Love Will Keep Us Alive
  • Take It To the Limit
  • Long Road Out of Eden
  • Somebody
  • Walk Away
  • One of These Nights
  • Life's Been Good
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Funk 49
  • Heartache Tonight
  • Life in the Fast Lane
1st encore
  • Rocky Mountain Way
  • All She Wants to Do is Dance
2nd encore
  • Take It Easy
  • Desperado

Our seats were pretty great. Not nearly as incredible as Hell Freezes Over (it's hard to top floor, 9th row center). We were in the first set of stadium seats- if it was a hockey game we'd be mere rows behind the players benches. I got up to dance a few times, mostly when the people in front of me were standing. Of course I danced during "All She Wants to do is Dance" mostly for my mom. I cried during "Desperado", her favorite song. Don Henley was incredible, he held that last note longer than you could imagine. I know she was there with us in spirit (in fact I'm convinced she's finally living her dream of following the Eagles on their tour), but it was still hard to experience the concert without her. Don played the drums a good part of the night (I love it when he does that), Joe Walsh is a guitar God (Glenn Frey was pretty damn good too when he had his guitar solos), the new guitarist fits in like he's been playing with the band for years (although it's still weird not to see Don Felder), and Glenn Frey made the audience feel special (as usual).

I may get to see them again on Wednesday at MSG. I'm pushing my Uncle Barry to get us backstage passes to make up for him causing us to be late in '94 and us not getting to use our backstage passes then. I'm still convinced we could have partied with the band backstage.

All in all, it's been a really wonderful weekend. I got in some beach time with Sam, and I spent today at Chez Guerra poolside. I don't think I want to go back to work this summer. I want to lounge around alllll day every day in the sun. We'll see how that works out.

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