Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eye Defining Experiment

Always in search of the best makeup products, a few weeks ago I decided to buy Maybelline's Define-A-Lash mascara. One of my friend's owned it and said she loved it, I know Maybelline's classic mascara is always written up as one of the best, and I've been hearing for a while now that drug store cosmetics are just as good as department store brands. I loved the mascara. It's waterproof, doesn't make me look like a racoon at the end of the night, and has a curvy wand like the really expensive mascara I owned that wasn't waterproof and gave me major racoon eyes after very few hours of wear (Napoleon cough Perdis cough cough).

Tonight I was on a grocery run for my dad. I love to always throw in a random product here or there when he has me get groceries. Usually it's gum or an Odwalla drink, always something relatively cheap and that catches my eye. Tonight I saw the Maybelline Define-A-Line eye liner. It's black, has a smudger on the end, and a built in sharpener, just like my Chanel eye liner. Only this was under $6 bucks as opposed to the $28-$30something range. I had some time to kill before dinner, so I decided to try out my new eye liner. The smudger acted more like an eraser than anything. ENNHHHH (annoying buzz noise). It's been only two hours and I have not touched my eyes- there is already a nice dark circle underneath. Not full on racoon, but not nice looking either.

Tomorrow I will test the liner with just my inner-eye line. We'll see if it's any better then. Should be interesting...

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