Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There Was To Be Blood

I've been feeling incredibly fatigued for about two weeks now. Daily naps, fuzzy head, struggle to wake up day in day out... whatever, I'm just exhausted. So today I had to be tested. Apparently it's a bad idea to have soda for lunch an hour before getting your blood drawn. My blood was thick so it took a while for them to take all of it. They got about three or four vials. I came home and felt sooo weak. I basically sunk into my bed for about an hour and a half. At least I got to speak LHog on the phone for a nice long time. It was great hearing from her. She once again not so subtly hinted that I move to Boston. Tempting, but most most very likely not happening. As much as I miss my friends on a daily basis I need to be near my family. Oh well.

Anyways, my eye liner test must be postponed due to the heavy sleepy eyes I keep rubbing. Oops! Tomorrow I have school, so I will play with the makeup then. More details to come soon...

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