Sunday, February 8, 2009

My 25 Things (from facebook)

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1. One of the things I'm proudest about myself is that I can hop in the car and drive anywhere without fear or hesitation if there's a person I desperately want to see (or an outlet needing to be shopped).

2. Growing up and until about high school I used to sleep walk. At about 10 I was found wearing nothing but my underwear and an undershirt coming inside the house at about 1:30am. I told my dad I had gone to feed the neighbor's rabbit, Bun Bun. To this day I still don't know if I actually walked all the way down the street and into their sun room (while they were HOME) to feed Bun Bun...

3. ... when I was in high school I would wake up in the middle of the night and get in the shower. My mom always thought there was a robber at first. Nope, just me. When I realized what I was doing and what time it was I would cry because I knew I only had so many hours left to get in quality sleep before school.

4. Amanda would call me before school every morning to make sure I was awake because she was coming to pick me up in twenty minutes.

5. When I was younger I could recite every NHL team and where they were from. It was a car game we played.

6. When I'm with my Alpha Chi friends I sometimes wish cameras would follow us around. We're way more fun and interesting than anything on MTV or other reality shows.

7. The thing that sets me apart from most of my friends/people my age is that I cannot watch MTV. I stopped watching around college, and I honestly don't miss it. I cannot get into the Hills or Laguna. Don't think I'm totally crazy- I am in love with Gossip Girl and still enjoy a good OC repeat on SoapNet.

8. I have a habit of naming stuffed animals, dolls, and keepsakes their most basic names. Baby. Doggy. Mooskie. Heart Covers.

9. I've had my Heart Covers since the day I was born and I still sleep with them. I'm hoping by the time I'm married I'll have found a way to separate myself.

10. When I was in fifth grade my friends and I did the school talent show, lip syncing to "Respect". We were wearing vintage-y clothes probably from somebody's attic and I was put in a pink satiny slip dress with bust seams. My friends all made fun of me because I couldn't fill it out. How ironic.

11. I used to HATE going shopping. My mom would drag me to the mall with her and I would get a new Babysitter's Club book (I had over 100 by the time I stopped reading that series) and read while we walked from store to store, I was very adept at walking and reading. I would always be done with the book by the time we got home.

12. I can get ridiculously fixated on some of the randomest things and lose HOURS. Let's say I'm driving down the Pulaski Skyway and wonder who this is named after. I will then look up General Pulaski (a WWII Polish/American General) and then start looking up other famous WWII Generals, and then random WWII facts, including how women couldn't buy stockings, then I will start looking up stockings, and eventually end up shopping Spanx's newest styles. I cannot explain this. It could be why I know so much random shit about a lot of things.

13. I have a weird thing against odd numbers. If they're multiples of five I don't care as much. Overall, though, I just prefer even numbers.

14. I've watched "Dirty Dancing" over 100 times. Sometimes I'll find it on TV and watch just the final five minutes, because the ending always captivated me. One day I will learn that dance. My first crush (at the age of 1) was on Patrick Swayze's stunt double. He was dating my aunt and my mom said I'd follow him around with my eyes glazed over and just stare up at him. My mom told me that was the first time she knew I'd be boy crazy.

15. I always sleep on the side of the bed that's closest to the door. I think it started as a fear of somebody coming into my room (maybe a monster?) and me being able to get out quickly and easily, then it just became second nature. I used to think when the lights went out if my feet touched the ground a monster under my bed would reach out and grab me. Did I mention I had a VERY strong imagination?

16. I've been incredibly blessed to travel as much and as far as I have. I've been to London twice, France once, a little village in Italy (Ventimiglia) for lunch, Monte Carlo, Canada, Mexico, more than half of the US (including Hawaii), and a bit of the Caribbean. Only a small handful of these trips were actually with my family.

17. ALL MY LIFE I've seen my clothing on TV. This has led me to believe that my dream job would probably be as a television or movie stylist and I'd be damn good at it.

18.18 and 6 are my favorite numbers.

19. Sometimes I just don't understand why Gracie can't speak English, I get frustrated. Although she has mastered "NO" and a few other words, and of course that tone that says "YOU IDIOT!" when I just cannot figure out what she wants. Maybe it's better that she can't speak...

20. When I was a toddler we left my cabbage patch doll Baby at my grandmother's out on Long Island. We were already about 45 min away when I realized this and my mom made my dad turn the car around to get Baby.

21. When I was staying in La Napoule I lived in a chateau right on the beach. Every night I would fall asleep with the window open to the sound of the waves. It was the most calming sleep I've ever had. Sometimes when I'm stressed and can't sleep I try to imagine I'm back there and it helps me fall asleep.

22. As mentioned above, I slept with the window open while in La Napoule. One night I woke up with a moth sitting on my nose. That same moth seemed to stalk me around the room on a regular basis. My family thinks it was my Pop Pop trying to enjoy the trip with me. I think they were right.

23. My mom wanted to name me Fiona, but all my extended family hated that name and pressured her to pick something else. When Jordana and I were picking out our bar aliases I decided on Fiona, who works at Credit Dauphine (10 points for anybody who finds the reference).

24. If I was given money just to start my own business I would create MAG Magazine. It would feature everything I love and be a huge hit.

25. I still reach for the phone almost every day to call my mom and tell her about whatever random thought has crossed my mind.

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