Saturday, May 2, 2009

Frak My Life

It seems everybody is all about FML. I think saying Frak takes it one step further. Also, I like saying the word frak. Frak frak frak. I even sold some zazzle tee-shirts with frak. It's made me money. Another reason to like the word. So why is my life frakked? Well if you've been a regular follower of this blog you'd know that it's been like this since the start.

What in ML is F'd? Well for starters I'm writing this from work. On a Saturday. That's right, I'm back to working weekends. Dammit. To make matters worse, as I finish this paragraph it's Sunday. That's right, I didn't even manage to complete my thought bubble I was so busy. It's not as bad as it could be. I worked morning to afternoon shifts today and yesterday, so it's still light out when I'm done with work. I don't lose the ENTIRE weekend. Unfortunately I no longer have an entire DAY off to myself. The people I babysit now want me working Thursdays for them, so that means I'm working a grand total of seven days a week. I'm extremely desperate to save up enough money to move out, but the idea of not having a day off for another month or two is extremely daunting to me. I hope I don't go crazy. I hope I'm not mean to the kids. I hope I don't go off on a nasty customer at the spa... on second thought, I'm not too worried about that last one.

WORD OF THE DAY - SPRAMA - spa drama
(from the bubble above my head to your eyes and ears)

I have this incredible urge to shop, but I'm holding myself back for two reasons. The first one, I already mentioned, I want to move out! This takes soooo much money and isn't conducive to spending oodles of dollars on fun clothes. The second is that I've been losing weight, and I really won't want to spend any of my hard earned money on clothes that may not even fit me correctly a month or two from now. I may buy myself some new makeup after work though. I work RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE MALL, c'mon, I can't help it! And makeup is a fairly inexpensive way to perk myself up! At least I'm not working IN the mall anymore, that was just dangerous. One bad day and Neiman's was calling my paycheck and I like a siren's song.

One way I've been saving money is reallocating my internet time. I'm no longer online shopping nearly as much as I used to (via LJ and ebay) because I'm addicted to a facebook game. It's called Sorority Life, and it's actually pretty lame, but the people I talk to on it are fun. Unfortunately, the game tends to freeze my computer, so I can't really access the social function of the game. Basically, you make money, buy lots of clothes and accessories, earn social points, and attack people. It's not as good for my brain as sudoku and all the word games I used to be addicted to, but at least it takes up enough time that I'm not bidding on endless Marc Jacobs items on ebay.

My mind has turned into a lovely pile of goo, and I can't any wonderful thoughts out at the moment. I'll leave with one thought that's been troubling me...
I see commercials for movies months in advance and get excited to see them. They finally come out and just a few weeks later when I finally have the time to see them they are already out of the theaters. Can we just have a giant, GOB sized COME ON!

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