Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's a brief one

I need to head to sleep, I totally forgot that I have an 8am work meeting tomorrow. Meaning I have to be awake in five hours! Oy, and oops! I need to grab my phone from downstairs, brush my teeth, and get the sleeping kitty cat out of the spot I sleep in. Gracie's favorite places always tend to be exactly where I need to sit, sleep, etc.

At least after my work meeting (which I get paid for and don't have to wear a uniform!) I have a facial. That will be nice. I was really feeling a lack of self-expression after painting my nails a kind of blah light pink for work so yesterday I added a dash of pink. Then today I did every other nail purple. It's not quite as fun as Mary's rainbow nails she's got going on right now, but it did make me feel a little more myself.

I passed by Ryne's room. This seems to happen once a week, I find his lights and tv on and he is passed out in his clothes from the day on top of his covers. I got tired of him ignoring my telling him to get up and left him, so we'll see how he wakes up tomorrow. He's flying to Miami (by himself!) tomorrow to meet up with my dad and take at tour of U.Miami. He then has a few days (this is an extension, he was supposed to send his answer within two or three days of his acceptance last week!) to decide if he wants to go. Big life stuff. Weird. I still think of him as a little kid, I can't imagine him going off to college.

I've gotten into watching Frasier in re-runs lately, and something came up tonight that's made me curious for years. Every now and then at the end credits of an episode there will be a sequence of head shots of various actors with the heading "thanks for calling". There were too many of them to be guest stars (esp. the really high profile actors), could they be people who visited the set? Who did something nice for the producers? Since there seems to be an answer for (just about) everything on google, it took me about ten seconds to figure out a years long question. From wiki:
The radio station callers' lines were spoken by anonymous voice-over actors while filming the show in front of a live audience. This gave the cast something to which they could react. During post-production, the lines were replaced by celebrities, who literally phoned in their parts without having to come into the studio. The end credits of season finales would show headshots of all the celebrities who had "called in" that season.
I thought that was pretty cool. Now, every time I watch Frasier I'm going to wonder whose voice I'm hearing on the phone. Alright, what to do tomorrow...
  • bring gym clothes to spa so I can get in a workout after meeting and before facial- can you get a facial after working out? Can you work out after a facial? I should find this out in the AM
  • take some Special K breakfast bars with me because it'll be too early to eat when I leave, and I'll start to get hungry around 8:30ish
  • pick up past two weeks worth of paychecks (we get paid weekly now) and try to remember my checkbook so I can once again attempt to sign up for direct deposit (I guess the first try didn't take)
  • eat remaining California rolls in fridge for lunch
  • babysit- try not to fall asleep on couch during kids "relax time"
  • come home to a most likely empty home (with Ryne and my dad gone, Patti will probably go out) and enjoy the quiet

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