Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't Worry... Be Happy

Wow, so I sound like a spoiled brat in my last post. I didn't mean to, I think it's hard to explain something that sounds good on the surface, but is filled with frustration and hurt deep down. I know I'm not a brat because my entire extended family feels this way. I think we all just want things to go back to the way they were. It's impossible to go back in time, though, so I guess it's just important to make the best of what we have now, and (as Kevin stressed in his comment) be happy. I am happy, I've got a pretty good thing going for me with the whole traveling to Europe this summer and all, but everytime I come home from a visit with my grandmother I always feel a flood of angst come over me. Hence the terribly angsty post.

But I have a LOT to say about what I've been up to, unfortunately I haven't eaten a single thing yet and if I don't get some real food this box of cookies in front of me will soon disappear. mmm... cookies... Okay, mind out of the gutter, time to eat. All new Veronica Mars tonight! WHOOHOOOO! Now that's something that makes me very happy!


Kevin said...

Im responding to this post rather than the top one. I hope you didn't take my message in a way saying I think your spoiled because your not. Brett thought i did so thats the only reason why I am bringing that up. Cheer up sleepy jean.

Mags said...

No I didn't think you thought I was spoiled, I just thought that was the impression I was giving off. I mean I guess I kind of am spoiled, but I was more emphasizing the BRAT in spoiled brat. That's what I don't want to become. And now I'm smiling :)