Monday, April 9, 2007

Adventures at the Lib (long "i") Part I

You'd think being at the library would put me into a more productive mood. But I'm not, so I'm not. Huh? Did that even make sense?

I'm going to keep a time-log of my activities, so you can see how sad it is that it's taking me this long to get anything done.
  • 12:12am- cannot concentrate for the life of me. Attempted to write a blog entry, but had nothing interesting to talk about. Taking 21 minutes off to watch an episode of The Office.
  • 12:34am- I'm in LOVE with Jim Halpert. In love. Tall, goofy looking guys better watch out, because I'll probably be coming after them
  • 1:52am there's a facebook group called "Dammit. Meredith Grey Survived" hahaha. Oops, back to work.
  • 2:17am- I'm walking home in the dark. I'm terrified. If I do not show up to class then I am probably stolen. :-O


Kristi said...

Unsk. Jim Halpert.

Did you see "Blades of Glory?" Pam looks wicked hot in it. I don't know her real name.. but yeah.

I hope you didn't get stolen.

Mags said...

Thanks Kristi. I made it home alive, and stupidly, now I'm back at the library after dark.