Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Last Formal!

So I never found a date to my formal. The livejournal thing was a riot, but deep down I knew it wouldn't exactly pan out, although I was flattered by my fellow blogger's support. Ex-roomie Mindy thought maybe her friend Adam could go, but he wouldn't know if he was available (due to an unfinished lab) until about an hour before the formal. When I found out he couldn't go I started to cry, which was really lame of me, but more so stupid, because I already had my mascara on. I had to tilt my head backwards and hold q-tips at the corners of my eyes for a few minutes to avoid the onslaught of black ink that would run down my face the second it got wet. I was successful, and the night was somewhat successful as well.

The formal was at the Hotel Northampton, which was beautiful. It's a senior tradition in our house that first the seniors take a limo uptown and then meet up with the rest of the party about an hour later. Of course we went to McMurphy's, because it's not even an option that we go anywhere else. It was really fun walking into an empty (except for four people who looked kind of shocked at first) McMurph's in our formal dresses. Since it's somewhat acceptable to drink after 5 (this was approx. 6pm) I think I will have to go there again early when it's completely empty. It was as if we had rented out the bars for just ourselves (and let the other few people hang out since they were harmless). We had complete control of the music, and only had to fight each other for the bartender's attention. It was a blast. And of course we had a photoshoot. The picture to the left was taken from six different cameras at minutely different angles (all the guys were in a row).

It was sad to leave the limo when we arrived at the formal (driving around in a limo all night could really be a party unto itself), but the Hotel Northampton was gorgeous. The food was amazing (I had prime rib), the dancing was fun, and the drinks were pretty good, just super expensive since I was buying for myself all night. But I'm an independent woman and I can take care of myself dammit! Not to say that I didn't appreciate two of my friends lending out their boyfriends for dances, and my friend Lauren sitting with me on the bus home while her boyfriend sat across the aisle, despite my objections that I was alright (I was a little bummed when I saw everybody all cuddled up on the bus). The only time I really cried was along with all the other seniors during the last song, because we realized this was the last time we would all be doing this together. Because of my amazing friends and the great time I always have with them, my night was a success. And my Little won the "Smiley Award" which made me incredibly proud. Despite a broken nose in a car accident a week earlier, she still showed her beautiful face, and smiled :) She's amazing.

The next night I attended a toga party at my friend Dan's, and saw two of the guys who turned me down for the formal. One of them actually had a job interview, and he had gone out of his way to have Dan tell me to have a great time. The other one asked me how the formal was and told me he felt really bad I didn't (because he didn't like "those kinds of things") but hoped I had a good time. I quietly grinded my teeth, but told him I had a very nice time (which I did, but I would have preferred a date). Speaking of the toga party, it was my first, it was also my first time shotgunning a beer (classy, right?), and being at a party that was broken up by the police (they just waltzed right in as we were all jumping up and down singing "You Shook Me All Night Long"). Once again, another great night, capping and excellent weekend, and leading up to my 22nd birthday (which will have to be addressed in my next blog entry.

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Madison said...

Girl, you don't need no man to make you happy. Having a date to a formal is like dragging around a baby all night and trying to make sure it doesn't poop or vomit on your pretty new dress.

Kristi said...

I'm glad that your formal went well (minus the few tears). Chances are a random date would have been lame, anyway. Now you can leave a note to your sisters: if you can't find a date, take a friend-- at least you won't almost ruin your mascara if you're just anticipating a night out with a fun girlfriend. Oh, and you won't run the risk of embarassing yourself too bad because your friends already know how awkward you are... KIDDING. :D

It's still hard to believe that we're graduating so soon-- I know it's probably going to be a mess of tears with my friends, too! But on to bigger and better things, right? Ooh, look at me, Cliche City.

Nicole said...

You look lovely in all of those pictures! I am glad you didn't let runny mascara ruin anything. (Oh, and I completely agree about somethings being difficult to let go as we are graduating. It makes me sad to think about leaving UMass.)

Burdamania said...

What kind of awful dates has Madison had to prom, good grief!

Formals are a girls thing IMO, i.e. it seemed like they enjoyed prom a lot more where I went to H.S. I wish I had the sack to go stag my senior year, as my date ditched me as soon as we got there. Props to you I say, you're too ravishing for some random chump.