Saturday, August 30, 2008

No check bummer

I finally decided to sit down and sort through my 857+ emails. Here's one that piqued my interest: (see right) so OF COURSE I clicked and went to the sale. I may be trying to save money, but I'm no shopping dummy either. Yesterday Amanda and I went shopping and I was very unlucky in my quest to find a cute cardigan that I definitely had in the 90's and should not have thrown out last year when cleaning out my effing closet. Imagine my excitement when this (see left) shows up on the front page. Great googly moogly!
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs (my favorite)- check.
  • Button down cardigan without any extra bells and whistles- check.
  • Good price ($29 FREAKING DOLLARS)- check.
  • No wool- check.
  • My size- NO CHECK.
It's a petite. WHY?! Is this some sort of mean prank from Barneys for no longer giving them loads of my money? I want it. It's not fair. I want to stomp my feet like a petulant child, but something tells me that it may not work in this case. Although honestly, when was the last time it did? Part of me wants to buy it anyways and see if maybe just maybe it runs really really big. I can always return it. Or try to resell it in my Marc Jacobs LJ group. Yep, I'm in one of them. My only regret is that it's not on blogger. I digress. We shall see. I'll have to ponder while I eat my bagel.

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