Friday, September 5, 2008


I need to find groups of like-minded people (possibly fanatics if this is really going to work) like me, so I can start returning to activities that I used to love. My mom and I used to have daily contests to see who could put together the cutest outfit. We'd watch Veronica Mars and wonder how I could do my hair like that. I made jewelry and then years later she copied me and made jewelry which I would always steal. Here are some clubs/support groups (both real and imaginary) I would like to find:

  • Daily outfits
  • Sample sale enthusiasts
  • Fun hairstyles help
  • Book club
  • Ski club
  • Crafts enthusiasts/ DIY'ers
  • Marc Jacobs fellow shoppers*
  • OLTL viewers who realize the show is pretty ridic. but watch it anyways, so I can tell them my ideas on how Todd is paying Starr's doc to tell her the baby died and steal it for himself... back to my list
  • Fashion buddies- people with the same lack of cash as me but the strong passion for fashion and our quests to save up for things, put together certain outfits, etc WHERE ARE YOU?
*I'm in an MJ livejournal group, but I've never actually attempted to make a shopping buddy out of it

Due to it's Veronica Mars-y feel, I'm trying to get my hair to look like this (see below). Wish me luck. Wow I just realized I never ate today. I better get on top of that before my stomach decides to wage war against me. On the plus side, I did get my self-interview assignment in today, so there's that.

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