Monday, December 29, 2008

All about laundry

As I took off my Primp sheep shirt and the red tank top I had JUST washed two days earlier it occurred to me that I had JUST washed this TWO DAYS EARLIER. I know that's the cycle of you wash, you wear, but for somebody with as many clothes as me it seems I'm always washing the same few things over and over again. I guess we all go through phases of our favorite items. When it's really chilly outside I like to wear thermal shirts, and I only have so many of those. And I layer tank tops under items all the time. But here's the thing- the shirt was white and the tank was red- two washes that to me are special. I've gotten a little past the washes of just one color at a time, I moved into the lights and darks theory somewhere around the time I had to pay for laundry and Goddamit I'm gonna squeeze as much in this washer as my 25 cents can buy... I digress, I'm back at home, which means free laundry, but I'm less picky about what goes with what. Of course I have so much pink and blue it ends up being primarily pink washes or blue washes with their like shaded friends popping in (such as Mr. Yellow with the pinks or Miss Green with the blues), anyways, regardless of what wash I'm doing, it's very rarely white or red. I'm still in the mindset of only doing FULL loads of laundry, so I have to wait to wear a ton of white stuff or a ton of red stuff before seeing those items again. While I'm sure you're wondering why I'm talking about the ins and outs of laundrytime there is a point here. When I took off those shirts I felt a sense of disappointment. I had FINALLY gotten them back from the washpile when POOF! they're out of rotation again. I've got a ton of jeans to wash, but no white shirts.

When I do my laundry it feels like an event. The dryer at my dad's seems to have a personal vendetta against me and likes to shrink things even on the tumble setting. I've started laying out a lot of my more sensitive items and jeans to air dry since moving here. As I mentioned I only wash things in large loads, so when I do my jeans I do a ton of jeans. Afterwards I run out of places to drape them. They hang over the shower, over the staircase, over doors, it's like an explosion of denim around the house.

Whenever I take a pile of laundry out of the dryer it's like a bell goes off somewhere in the house for Sammy, the cat that sheds the MOST. She could be outside, but when that pile of clothes arrives she's there instantly, ready to climb all over my clothes and get her fur on them.

When I first got to college I thought laundry was going to be this sexy event. Sexy you say? Where would that kind of idea pop up? Remember Undressed? There were definitely episodes where characters would go to do their laundry and end up meeting someone hot and totally hooking up in the laundry room. Well in my dorm at UMass the laundry room was in a leaky room in the basement. And it shared space with the garbage bins. It smelled disgusting. This was not a romantic room. Nor were the people I came across while doing laundry smokin' hot. Tsk Tsk Tsk MTV for giving me a false impression of what real life is. Look at this description of Undressed on this website I found:
...or three friends who inadvertently fool around during a late-night cram session.
Freaking hillarious. Cause you know all those years when I'd have late-night cram sessions my friends and I suddenly decided to rip off our clothes and experiment with one another. Preferably in groups. Oh my.

How did I just write a whole post about laundry without even delving into all my laundry stories? Scary stuff man.

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