Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Wish List post #1

I was going to make a whole big post about my dream luxury wish list. Unfortunately, I'm working off of a very slow computer, and it would take me about five hours to complete the whole post. Instead I've decided to do a series of posts, with an actual affordable item and a luxury splurge item that's on my dream (i.e. money doesn't matter) list.

Today's picks:


Spanx Tight End Tights in Cobalt - $26 (plus $4.95 shipping)

Not only do these fit into the category of colored tights- something I've always loved and is hugely in style right now- but they're spanx, the amazing suck-your-gut-in and shape the bum area tights. I may have to buy these myself!

Chanel Classic 2.55 bag - $$$

This is a classic bag that every girl must have. I've wanted one for as long as I can remember. The style of this bag actually led me to purchase some of my favorite MbMJ quilted shoes (both flats and pumps) which people always compliment as looking "very Chanel". I'm hoping to find one at a consignment shop sometime in the near future until I can afford to splurge on the real thing. I feel like this bag would class up any outfit and work with anything from jeans (and a cute jacket of course) to a fancy dress.

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