Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Procrastination Station

10:54 PM- I have no need nor want to get into twitter, so I will randomly post updates here instead (remember these?)

On meebo since somebody seems to have removed aim from my father's old laptop (my Thinking Box is still not working).

Current away message: I'm too old to still have papers due and STILL be procrastinating. On the other hand, looking forward to my first all nighter in forever (brings me back to my UMass days).

Wishing I was at the UMass library hopped up on either Dunks or Tab energy drinks and library lobby donuts in one of those damn uncomfortable chairs, sharing the same stressed/determined/tired/hardworking vibes as all the people around me. Watching as people filter in and out and some (myself included at times) falling asleep, taking frantic cat naps that make a world of difference.

11:22 PM- my word of the day remora is not just a clingy fish, but a hindrance or drag. My work is a remora.

11:32 PM- Once I've gotten this paper nonsense out of the way I'm going to contact two of my former writing teachers and get their advice about how to get back into writing again. I hope it proves helpful.

11:38 PM- contemplating life decisions. Must use hyper-focus-ness for school right now.

11:48 PM- oddly enough, the 2% milk string cheese is not as good as the skim. I usually hate anything with skim milk. Sucks that I bought a bag of 24 today.


This looks like my kind of book

1:10 AM- just purchased it :) after finding a $25 gift card (that actually had the FULL amount despite being old, wtg with good policies B&N!) and Nina Garcia's Guide to Style because, why not? It's free! (well $6.48 after all is said and done...)

1:17 AM- stepping away from computer to do non-electronic work. Computer distracting (as you can see!)

T-minus 36 hours til I need to finish this shtuff

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