Saturday, May 26, 2007

Say it ain't so...

I never sleep before I travel. I never pack until the day I have to move out. These are two things that are pretty much set in stone for me. I'm actually moving out Sunday, but that doesn't count, because most of my things are supposed to be packed off and sent home with the family on Saturday (tomorrow/today). Is it tomorrow if you never went to sleep? Or is it officially today now that the sun is back up?

So at 5:30 am when I'm too tired/excited/nervous to sleep I decide to start packing. A terror of moving out today has set in...

My dad is going to see how many boxes of Marc Jacobs shoes I own and how much clothing I have...


On the brightside, I don't have to hit my parents up for money to go out with my friends for my last night. I sold back about $300-400 worth of books today and made fifty bucks! Normally people would be depressed and angry about the money they've lost, but let's face it- those books would've sat on a shelf untouched for years. $50 is a heck of a lot more than I had the day before ($16) and allowed me to get a drink and dinner at Panda East (where the service gets worse with each and every visit) and to pay my way into our rebellious little party tonight.

My Scorpion Bowl-mate and I

I'm not even going to address the giant elephant on the blog (er in the room) that is graduation and leaving my bubble. Yeah, I'm in absolute and total denial. So why was this party so rebellious (yeah I'm changing the subject, deal with it)? We're not allowed to drink in our house due to the risky nature of what could occur if girls did indeed go wild. But as seniors we're a pretty responsible bunch, so our partying never got too out of control. Good night, I just wish we didn't have to be up really early for... that thing... tomorrow/today. Oh wait, I'm already up early, I never went to bed! Shoot!


General Antics All Around

It hurts to think about leaving this place and these people that have been my home and family for over three years now.

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