Saturday, May 19, 2007

Opposite George strikes again!

I went out tonight and didn't drink. I went to Delanos and danced and had a great time. If I'm deluded enough to think that there are regular readers of this blog out there then you must be shocked for two reasons: first of all everybody who reads this seems to be convinced I'm a boozebag (my teacher's and classmate's words, not mine) and secondly my friends and I NEVER leave McMurphy's. Besides the fact that I have a lot of finals work to do tomorrow and I don't want to waste away half the day hung over, I caught the stomach bug plague that has decimated half my house and I'm still not really up for drinking. I nursed seltzer all night, but managed to have a great time dancing to the live band and just hanging out with my friends. I also worked on my "opposite George" techniques.

The guy I had mentioned in the last blog- hmm I should give him a fun name to refer to him as... photoshop guy, that works- has been popping up lately everytime I step out of the house with my friends. I've been acting somewhat aloof, which is new for me, and I kind of like it. It's not that I'm not interested in him, but I'm also not actively interested in him. I'm not in the mood to lead him on, but I'm also not making it clear that I want to be his friend. Okay this is getting confusing and complicated to write about, so if you need clarification ask me. Anyways I digress. I saw him and I just kind of smiled in his direction, but didn't stop what I was doing to go talk to him. I refuse to be awkward.

I also talked to a few new strangers, and danced with one of them. The dancing guy was kind of cute, and kissed me on the cheek when he went to leave. That was a first. I was intrigued, and I liked it. I hope maybe we'll bump into each other again one day. Another "opposite" moment occurred when this drunk guy (see guy in blue shirt to the right) was all over the place dancing and kept bumping into my friend Brian (yellow shirt). Brian started dancing behind him, and the guy didn't even notice. I took the picture and Brian desperately wanted to know the guy's name so he could tag the pic on facebook. I went over to the guy (SO not a Maggie thing to do) and put my hand on his chest, and asked him where I knew him from. I got his name (supposedly Dan Alfonso, but nothing's turned up on facebook yet, damn) and when I asked him if he was in my Shakespeare class he replied in a drunken slur: "I can be." It was hillarious. I'm really enjoying this whole opposite thing. I hope that I can use it to my advantage, and maybe bring out a more confident, more outgoing me. I'll keep my progress posted.

Also some noteworthy moments worth posting: took my first final today (for Shakespeare) and I think I did a great job; I got caught up on last night's The Office- it was INCREDIBLE and definitely worth watching (check out Creed's blog); I had my final trip meeting for France, the date is getting closer; had a very ALIAS moment Tuesday when my friend and I tailed another friend and her makeout buddy home from the bars (hehe); there are brand new fresh sheets on my bed (not necessarily noteworthy, but they're calling to me at the moment).

And may we all take a moment of silence for Veronica Mars. I was near tears. I shouldn't have been so surprised, the show has been on the brink of cancellation since the start, but it was still a shocking blow. I should be happy that I got three great seasons of such an amazing show, especially the first season, which will always remain my favorite. Thank you to the cast and crew of Veronica Mars for giving me great entertainment, and especially to Rob Thomas, who I will now follow anywhere he goes.

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