Thursday, September 25, 2008

Counting sheep with clothes...

I'm going on a cruise!!! October 10th, three days, some private island off of Nassau... I cannot wait! I'm going with LHog and Candita, we're going to have an amazing time. One may ask, how are you going on a cruise with school and no job? Easy :) The cruise is Friday through Monday (my class is on Thursdays) and ridic cheap. I had a plane ticket to Tampa that I was able to switch over to Miami for a nominal fee. C'est tres facile, non?

My goal is to fit all my items (it's just three days!) into my carry-on for multiple reasons.
  • I don't want to pay the ridiculous fees for checking a bag
  • I'm terrified (to the point of nightmares before I travel) that they'll lose my bag and I'll have no clothing/bathing suits for the cruise
  • Checking in and out bags takes too much time
I'm very fortunate that I already have all the necessary clothing and beach items to go away. It saves me a fortune and allows me to put together outfits while attempting to fall asleep. Like counting sheep! Dressed up sheep :)

I joined a new community on LJ, "What I Wore Today" where you post your outfits and people critique them. It reminds me a little of what my mom and I used to do for each other, but I'm a little nervous because sometimes the people leave really catty comments. The above outfit was what I wore to school. I thought I looked cute, Tina said she liked the outfit too! I just wish I had blow dried my hair. I was too busy playing with Gracie this morning and ran out of time. Oops!

edit: the moderator rejected my outfit because the pic was too blurry and the outfit was "juvenille and uninspiring anyway" ... I'm kinda pissed!!

I'm anxiously awaiting dinner. If it's Thursdays it must be Mario's. Except due to the cruise I'm not having any pizza. Still a carbfest with chicken parm over spaghetti, but cutting out the pizza is the closest thing to a diet I'd be able to handle. When I try to restrict my food I only end up eating more. Luckily I've been visiting the gym at school more. Gotta love my eliptical time!

Tonight "The Office" returns. Which reminds me... I need to catch up on the webisodes! Better hop to it!

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