Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I will sing this victory song- woo hoo hoo hoo, oh yeah, woo hoo hoo hoo

I really hate when I have a million things to talk about on here and by the time I get to my computer they have all faded from my mind. I mean seriously, that's just like a cruel trick my brain has been playing on me. And as soon as I've finally posted and scraped together the best possible ideas left in my poor abused mind, the brilliant thoughts will come back. Of course, by then I'll be walking to class, or somewhere else random.

Yesterday ideas came to me as I was driving three and a half hours back to Massachusetts from New Jersey. I couldn't stop, so yes, I was that crazy person on the road attempting to jot down a note while driving. Very safe. Well I was writing against the steering wheel, and never took both hand off of it, so you could say it was the safest way to write. A police officer might not agree, but that's all in the past.

Anyways, what keeps me going while driving is music. My favorite station in the tri-state area is 95.5 PLJ. I listen to that until it starts getting unbearably fuzzy about twenty minutes down I-87, right after the first tollbooth. Right before this is when the odd moment occurred. I was listening to the new Blue October song "Let the Rain Come Down" (or something like that, I will edit this with the exact details and links when I find the appropriate free websites and html-ish stuff) and I realized it was a complete and total rip-off of that 80's song in Napoleon Dynamite. I mean TOTAL. The only thing different were the actual lyrics. It left me perplexed. The song regained some popularity after Napoleon came out, so why would they copy it when it's still fresh in everybody's minds? Perhaps their egos are that big. And after I just got over their cockroaches line in the first song.

Well this isn't a full on rant. I had started describing my drive back up to UMass. Once the station gets garbled, I don't have patience to keep looking for the local stations, which don't last too long anyways since I'm driving through the mountains. Luckily the Magmobile has a six-CD changer. Unfortunately this is in the trunk, so I have to pick out my CDs very carefully beforehand. Usually I forget to change these CDs so I need to pick music that I don't mind listening to over and over again. This week's drive was sponsored by:

The X-Y is an amazing album, but that one is not as easy to sing along with as the others. So yes, I am outing myself here on the internet, I am one of those people you drive past bopping their head up and down, using the steering wheel for percussion, singing their heart out. I've even been caught waving my hands in the air. That is me. Usually I pay no attention to the people watching me, because I'm never going to see them again- except for maybe my next jaunt through Connecticut after a weekend home. But the worst is traffic.

So if you were driving on I-84 at approximately 11:30am yesterday you might have been stuck next to me as I was belting out some Sheryl Crow. Oops! The one saving grace is that it's cold out and my windows were closed. I like to turn the music up loud enough that I can't hear my own voice, thus making me believe that I sound like Sheryl Crow or whoever else I am listening to. Common sense tells me that I possess only the ability to make dogs howl, so at least these strangers did not have to endure that while sitting in traffic yesterday. And no, I have no plans to go on American Idol.


Kristi said...

Hahaha. I am completely the same when it comes to singing and dancing in the car; is really is some sort of art form, isn't it?? Did you ever see that shwo "MotorMouth" on VH1 (I think that's what it was called)? They'd set-up hidden cameras to catch people busting out in their cars... seemed totally set up, but I might have been able to go on the show. The best/worst is when I'm driving through my hometown. I've had people come up to me and say, "Hey, I wasn't sure if I was driving behind you... but then I saw you dancing and just knew!" Whoops... haha.

So why were you in the garden state anyway? I've had some of my greatest realizations on the Jersey Turnpike. It's such a strange place to me. I like to make fun of "the Dirty Jerzzz," but I think a part of me really likes the place... don't tell anyone though.

Kevin said...

I once accidentily killed an elderly woman when belting out the high note lyrics in "Fix You"....don't tell anyone that either.