Monday, February 26, 2007

Procrastination... if you add an "f" you've got CRAFTS

Okay, so on Friday night I came home drunk off of not even three drinks and kind of pissed and wrote the LONGEST rant on the blog. Then I watched the season... er series finale of the OC and passed out with all my makeup on. The next day I realized that I couldn't subject anybody to reading this angst-ridden crap. Long story short I hate men, and yet I'm boy-crazy, what to do what to do. Mostly I just hate being treated badly. Is it too much to ask for to be treated nicely? I've become very cynical in my "old age" and yet that's fighting with the part of me that is so much a hopeless romantic that I'm just left ridiculously confused. Okay rant over, it's safe to read now.

My angry Friday night led me to stay in Saturday, and get my craft on. Two weeks ago I purchased two plain white shadowboxes on sale at Target for $1.98 (on sale from $7.99) with the promise that I would make something special. Saturday night I painted the first box pink with white polka dots, and today (Sunday) I printed out all the fun pictures. It is now HANGING on my wall. I'm very proud of myself for not abandoning this project halfway through. This evening I watched the Oscars with my crazy former roommate, now across the hall neighbor, Mindy, and we each painted another shadowbox. My second shadowbox is not as polished as the first, but very Mackenzie Childs inspired. I'm kind of obsessed with Mackenzie Childs, so I'm super proud. I just need to figure out the theme of the pictures for that box. The first box is "Seniors '07" themed. It has pictures of all the girls out at McMurphy's, mostly Guitar Dudes, one from New Years when Dubs visited me, and just a cute picture of my friend Lauren and I. It's kind of funny that my hair color is different in every single picture I'm in. My roommate Courtney says that I'm a chameleon. Hehe. I also put in the picture that is being used for our facebook group "The Loft." That's what all the seniors are calling the right end of the front hallway. We're cute like that. Or just childish like that. Either way, it's fun. I hope that my second box theme will come to me quickly so I don't waste HOURS looking through pictures. I am the WORST procrastinator EVER. Seriously.

The pictures (in order): Box 1, pictures in Box 1, a shot of it with my finger over the flash that looked really cool and artsy, Box 2, and two closeups of Box 2 showing off the Mackenzie Childs-ness of it all.

Speaking of procrastination in the name of "blog research" I have spent a good chunk of the week reading all of the gossip blogs, and I am now a full blown EXPERT on Britney Spears and her breakdown. I even have several personal opinions. Maybe I should rename my blog something witty and start my own celebrity gossip page. Or maybe not. I would just find a reason to spend even more of my time working on a pass/fail course and ignoring all of my graded classes.

I'll probably be procrastinating more this week by posting some sort of Oscars recap and talking about my favorite clothes. I will say for now:
  • Nicole Kidman looked like a joke
  • Beyonce is getting on my nerves, she definitely tried to steal Jennifer Hudson's thunder when they were singing
  • I was extremely happy for Martin Scorsese when he won, and I'm even more annoyed with myself for choosing Legally Blonde to do my crafts to rather than watching The Departed for the first time
  • I got very misty eyed during Ennio Morricone's speech, even though I don't understand a word of Italian. I could feel his joy :) And unfortunately I did miss a good chunk of the translation because my ex-roomie was chatting away
  • Does Clint Eastwood speak Italian?
  • Penelope Cruz looked GORGEOUS
  • Who invited Tom Cruise? ick
  • Jack Nicholson looked freakin' scary with that big bald head
  • The Oscars were kind of a bore this year


Kristi said...

Pretty shadowboxes. You almost inspire me to do something creative. I have to say "almost" because I am so busy that I don't have time to even start something fun.

The Christmas before last, I took on making everyone's gifts. I can't even imagine where I found time to do so much painting and crocheting (yeah I am a grandma). But doing crafts is definitely a good stress relief. Gets your mind off of things, gives you a reason to do something constructive, and you have something tangible afterwards.

Sorry about your hating-men thing.. I don't want to get all mommy on you, but you shouldn't ever settle for someone who doesn't treat you like a princess. When you said, "Mostly I just hate being treated badly," it kind of broke my heart a little. Hang in there, lady.

Kevin said...

what do they call that stuff? shabby chique or something like that, I have no clue.

and btw theres no chance your a worse procrastinator than me, I have about 6 pages of writing I need to do right now and yet i'm going on peoples blogs. (its 1am as I type this)

Leslie said...

Mags, I could not be more with you in your assessment of the Oscars. I mean, don't get me wrong, I watch them / I love them / I'm totally there next year, but they definitely lacked a certain relevance or urgency for more. Wow, what a diverse group of nominees! Now, let's give all the major awards to the Hollywood Boy's Club. Boo. In sum:

Yes, Nicole Kidman needs to lay off the facelifts.

Yes, it did seem like Clint Eastwood actually spoke Italian. I guess he would have had to pick something up filming all those spaghetti westerns in the Boot.

No, Tom Cruise should never be allowed in public. He just frightens people.