Thursday, March 15, 2007

I know I'll laugh about this once I'm all healed up

My TA just told me that I need a helmet. Except the year (or two) of only head injuries seems to have ended. Now my issues are from the neck down.

If you've been keeping up with my posts you'll remember when I recently fell down the stairs. And then this past weekend I fell asleep fully clothed, the one time I ever wear a belt. The belt pressed into my much more healed bruise, undoing all progress I had made in healing. Well last night my body decided that I was starting to feel too much better again. Climbing the ladder up to my bed the ladder collapsed. I skinned my left knee hitting the shelf under my bed, I think my pinky toe got hit too, since that little piggy isn't looking so good right now, and my right ankle gets really sore when I walk too much. WORST OF ALL? I landed exactly on my bruised tailbone. Like x-marks-spot landed. Perfectly. How ridiculous is all of this? I am a WRECK.

I need this week off to heal and cleanse my karma. Obviously I'm paying for something bad I've done, but I'm not quite sure exactly what that is. I'm hoping to have a peaceful week off, even if I am at home and not on some beach.

On a side note: If you've come across me randomly and I seem confused to who you are or even ignore you, I'm not really rude or flaky, I can't see faces that far. I have a hard time with that, so please don't take it personally!!

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