Monday, March 26, 2007

Jon Stewart's Kick Ass Interview with John Bolton

I thought this was an incredible interview by Jon Stewart. It's no secret that I love him. Do you ever play that game of who would you invite to a dinner party? Well Jon Stewart is always number one on my list. I also am ashamed to say I'm too caught up in collegiate life (from studying to partying) to follow the news as closely as I should. I get a good chunk of my news from The Daily Show, and it's interviews like this that keep me somewhat well informed. Thanks Jon!

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Leslie said...

Watching that clip brought me back to the heady days of Jon Stewart laying the smack down on Tucker Carlson on Crossfire. I'm so impressed that for as opinionated, quick, and entertaining Jon Stewart is, he never resorts to one-sided conversations or punditry. Yeah, Bolton was never going to be popular on the Daily Show, but Jon let him talk and was appreciative that he was willing to appear on the show. Class act, that man. Class act.