Saturday, March 3, 2007

This post is brought to you by oxy-codone

Okay, I wasn't planning on posting until I got back to school, but the irony of this is just too delicious and painful. In our collaborative blog our topic of the week is falling down. This morning I decided that I was not going to be running late, and I was going to pack up my car earlier than I had planned. My back is still kind of stiff from straining it on Monday, so I decided to take one bag at a time down the fastest route, the fire escape right next to my bedroom. This morning EVERYTHING was melting. I could've gone swimming in the potholes in my parking lot. It was just wet all over. So of course the stairs were wet. It's not the first time that I've gone down the stairs on a rainy day. Unfortunately for me, while 30 degrees FEELS warm when it's been 15 for a few weeks, it is still more than cold enough for ice. The puddles of water hid the ice. The ice that I slipped on and flew threw the air and then quite ungracefully landed on my tailbone (yep, my back had JUST started feeling better), and both my elbows. My right elbow is just kind of bruised, but lefty is blue all over and has a nice little build up of fluid around the bone, which just does not look or feel right. I am beyond lucky, though, there's a landing about halfway down that kept me from sliding down the rest of the way down to the hard pavement. As it was, upon my landing I immediately started screaming and sobbing at once, convinced that I had broken something. My roommate heard me and ran out, a few girls in the common room right below the fire escape heard me and came out, and passerby on the street stopped to see if I was okay. My abandoment issues were put to rest at the moment, but I was in too much agony at the time to appreciate that. You know those commercials where they show the parts of the body with pain with a red glow? My whole body was glowing red +11.

Right now I'm laying in bed about to fall asleep thanks to a lovely painkiller, but sadly my bum (yeah I've decided to adopt that fun New England word) is still red, maybe slowly fading to orange. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll wake up and maybe I'll be back at school with Courtney shaking me saying "it's Friday morning! You were having a bad dream, but it's time to go home!"

Eh, one can hope. Let's just hope that this is the last of irony sticking out it's tongue at me, and that I don't end up returning to school in a neck brace. (Since I know you can't see me, I'm knocking on wood right now)


Kristi said...

Aw, I hope you feel better! The picture really helped me to understand your pain... aww. :(

"Bum" is a New England word? For real?? I had no idea...

Mags said...

Thanks, I'm healing pretty well, and I'm down to a yellow-ish pain factor. I'm glad that my wonderful artistic abilites were appreciated.

And yeah, I've only heard people in New England use the word bum for something that is not a wino who lives on the streets.