Monday, March 5, 2007

No new license but a new dress :-D

My car didn't get fixed. Either my dad didn't order the part early enough or his mechanic didn't put in the order until a day before I came home. Either way, I've still got the cracked windshield. I don't regret going home this weekend though. I did get to eat my favorite pizza, and my best friend happened to be in town for her (really early) spring break. We had dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant, it was a lot of fun!

I also got to heal from my rather nasty fall down the stairs. Although, if I hadn't been going home I probably wouldn't have fallen. Nah, I travel those stairs all the time AND I'm a klutz, so I would've still fell. And then I'd probably force myself out that night and faint from the pain in the middle of a bar or something. Probably wouldn't go over to well...

I even got a few pictures in while I was at home. As soon as I broke out the camera Gracie came running over to the couch from the dining room. Then she got very shy.

(that's my lap she's cuddled up against)

I never got to drive the new car :/ because immediately after getting to my dad's house last night we left for dinner. It took about an HOUR to be served, so in the meanwhile my dad, his girlfriend, my aunt, uncle, cousin and I all finished off two bottles of wine. I really didn't think it too smart to go for a joyride after that. And this morning I was just too sleepy. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to make up for it over Spring Break when my dad is away and leaves his cars at home for the week ;)

I also managed to buy a Marc Jacobs tunic/dress thingy (oops!) and my mom gave me my (month and a half early) birthday gift, which is a blue Marc Jacobs jacket. It also came with the CUTEST Marc Jacobs tote which I proceeded to spill tomato sauce (from last night's left overs) all over today.

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